How will the Emmys' diversity problem be blamed on Trump?

How will the Emmys' diversity problem be blamed on Trump?

Tonight will bring us the 72nd edition of the Emmy Awards, where Hollywood liberal elites will gather together to talk about how wonderfully woke they all are and blame Donald Trump for all of the world’s ills. (Well, they’ll be “gathering” virtually this year because of the plague, but the script is always pretty much the same.) As is my custom, I won’t be watching, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy some of the blatant hypocrisy that is always on display at such gatherings. There are already some serious flies in the progressive soup this year and people have been noticing. While the Hollywood press has been showering praise on the industry for getting a more “diverse” cross-section of people involved in the making of movies over the past year, that hasn’t exactly translated into a situation where the nominations are spread out in a similarly multicultural fashion. The Emmys reportedly did a bit better in terms of spreading around the love, but the rest of the award shows have been noticeably more “whitewashed.” (NBC News)

But many awards shows have consistently lagged when it comes to inclusion and representation in their acting nominees — and the Emmys are no exception.

In analyzing Emmy Awards acting nominations from the past 10 years, NBC News found that the vast majority — nearly 80 percent — went to white performers.

By comparison, about 15 percent of nominations went to Black performers, just under 3 percent to Latinos, nearly 2 percent to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and barely 1 percent to those of Middle Eastern or Northern African descent.

This year’s Emmys include nominations for 39 performers of color in 16 acting categories. That’s still a fairly small number when you consider that all of the major categories will have between five and eight nominees (depending on how many submissions were received). If we go with an average of 6.5, that means that those categories will feature roughly 100 nominees and more than 60% of them will be white.

And not all minorities are being represented equally, either. Earlier this month, actor John Leguizamo announced that he would be boycotting tonight’s awards over what he described as “cultural apartheid.”

John Leguizamo is boycotting the 2020 Emmys, citing “cultural apartheid” as his reason.

“If you don’t have Latin people, there’s no reason for me to see it,” the comedian and actor, 56, told Yahoo.

In the middle of the woke festival currently embroiling the streets of the nation, how on Earth did the movers and shakers at the Emmys manage to fail to nominate a single Latino/Latina actor or other industry participants? Doesn’t that make them a huge bunch of evil racists? I’m almost sure that’s what the current rules of engagement require us to call them. You’d think they might have realized this oversight and snuck in a special lifetime achievement award or something for a Hispanic actor if only as a consolation prize.

Or maybe – and I’m just spitballing here – you could simply evaluate all of the movies and performances and submit your nominations for the ones you think are truly the best and let the cards fall where they may in terms of “diversity.” Naw… what was I thinking? That’s just crazy talk.

For those of you playing the drinking game tonight, take one sip for every time Donald Trump is mentioned in a disparaging fashion. Then do one shot for every time Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s name comes up. I’ll try to send you some flowers at the hospital while you recover from the alcohol poisoning detox procedure.

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