Danish submarine murder guy finally admits his guilt

The Discovery Network in Denmark has just released a new documentary covering the story of Danish billionaire Peter Madsen and the grisly murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall. This is a story that we covered here regularly while the initial investigation and eventual trial played out. One of the most offensive and startling aspects of that entire affair was the way that Madsen kept denying that he had actually murdered Wall in a series of continually changing and increasingly implausible stories and “explanations” despite the mountain of evidence stacked up against him. But now, as part of the new documentary, Madsen has supposedly finally confessed to killing her, though the’s still refusing to disclose all of the details of the gruesome event. (NY Post)

A Danish inventor who is serving a life sentence in the murder of a Swedish journalist aboard his homemade submarine has admitted to the crime for the first time in a new documentary, according to reports.

Peter Madsen, 49, answered “yes” during a phone conversation with a reporter who asked him whether he had killed Kim Wall in August 2017 after he invited her on board his 60-foot UC3 Nautilus for an interview, Agence France-Presse reported…

“There is only one who is guilty, and that is me,” Madsen added in the documentary.

I’m hoping that Discovery will release an English language version of the documentary, or at least one with subtitles because I’d be very interested in watching it. Despite all of the evidence that was presented and the eventual verdicts of guilt on multiple charges, so many questions remain about the evil, perverted billionaire who committed these almost indescribable acts.

As you may recall, Kim Wall was a beautiful and talented journalist who was working on a story about Madsen’s private space program and his penchant for building his own fully functional submarines. Madsen invited her to go for a cruise on his 60-foot UC3 Nautilus submarine where they could conduct the interview and take pictures. After sailing out of port in August of 2017, Wall was never seen alive (or even in one piece) again.

Even though they were the only two people on the sub, after Wall was reported missing, Madsen originally insisted that he had dropped her off on an island at her request and he had no idea what had happened to her. When pieces of Wall’s corpse began washing up in plastic garbage bags, Madsen claimed that she had died when a hatch had accidentally dropped on her head and, in a panic, he had chopped up and disposed of her body. He would later claim at trial that she had died of asphyxiation inside the sub while he was topside. The physical evidence – once the authorities had finally found all of Wall’s remains on the ocean floor – made it obvious that none of these bizarre stories were true. When a search of one of Madsen’s computers turned up pornography from the “snuff film” category of rape, torture and murder, the story took an even darker turn.

But through all of it, Madsen seemingly continued to believe that his vast wealth and fame would (or at least should) shield him from any serious consequences. Even when it was obvious that he was going to be found guilty, his attorneys insisted that he should only receive a sentence of six months in home confinement. He was eventually handed a sentence of life in prison, which seemed to shock him. Sadly, a life sentence in Denmark usually only adds up to a total of fifteen or sixteen years at most, even for some of the most horrendous crimes.

Is this admission of guilt for the documentary some sort of recognition on Madsen’s part of precisely how horrible of a monster he is? Is he going through some sort of rehabilitation that will produce a more humane individual? I somehow doubt it. More likely is the idea that this is some sort of contrived public relations ploy to make him appear more rehabilitated when he comes up for parole. I hope the parole board doesn’t fall for it. This remains one of the most horrific murders to take place in the modern era and it was perpetrated by someone of vast wealth and privilege who had the entire world at his disposal. He needs to serve every last second of the sentence he received if only to send a message to others in his former position.

If you would like to make a donation to the Kim Wall Memorial Fund, you may do so here. They provide generous annual grants to female investigative journalists who carry on Kim Wall’s legacy.