What is NY AG's "major national announcement" today about?

If you tune in to any of the major cable news networks later this morning you’re likely to see a spectacle of some sort. We’ve been promised that at 11:30 eastern time, New York State Attorney General Letitia James is going to deliver a “major national announcement” on a subject which is apparently too hush-hush, top-secret, and totally awesome to let us know about in advance. Does that sound exciting? Well… then you’re probably a liberal or a NeverTrumper of some flavor. If it sounds like an odd thing for a state Attorney General to do, with tones of some sort of Barnum and Bailey circus atmosphere, then you’ve probably been paying attention to New York politics for more than five minutes. The Washington Examiner has the few details that are known thus far.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said she will deliver a “major national announcement” on Thursday.

A statement released Wednesday evening said the announcement will happen at her office at 11:30 a.m.

The subject of the announcement was not immediately clear.

The inappropriate nature of this dog and pony show should be obvious. State AGs are, at least under the old conventions of law enforcement, supposed to focus their attention on the needs of their own state. They don’t cover national issues, leaving such matters for the Attorney General of the United States to handle. But this is 2020 and we’re talking about Letitia James here. She ran for office on a promise to “RESIST” the Bad Orange Man and has made no secret of her plans to upgrade her situation to either the Governor’s mansion or the White House at some point.

So what’s this about? There are two choices. The most obvious one that probably leaps to mind is that she’s about to unveil yet another “case” against President Trump, some member of his family, one of his associates or his business dealings in New York City. She’s also hinted recently that there could be an investigation brewing into alleged false statements by the President relating to a policy covering international travel, possibly excluding New York.

But that’s not definitely what’s going on here. A couple of our local bloggers in New York have suggested the same thing that Yashar Ali tweeted about last night. This could be yet another stab at the National Rifle Association, with possible ties to the recent announcement of Remington Arms (located in Ilion, NY) going back into bankruptcy.

James has long seen the NRA as a ripe target for some great public relations through potentially inappropriate legal witch hunts. There have been efforts underway for several years now that were clearly designed to end the NRA’s ability to apply for loans, obtain insurance or otherwise conduct any business in New York State. So to see James’ office going after them yet again would be as unsurprising as yet another “Resist Trump” investigation.

The timing of this couldn’t be more obvious. We’re on the verge of both major party’s conventions (such as they are) and we’re into the final ninety days before the election. And the NY AG knows that anything that’s bad news for Trump specifically or conservatives in general will be eaten up like gelato on a hot summer day by the media. What a great time for a circus act such as this, eh?

But the substance of the announcement isn’t nearly as offputting as the Monty Hall atmosphere surrounding it. What kind of serious law enforcement official pulls this sort of magician’s trick just to gin up the ratings and attract more clicks? If you have something of importance that’s either in place or ready to begin and it’s of interest to the public, you just release the information and get on with your job. Sadly, Letitia James clearly believes in the Buzzfeed theory of communicating with the public from her office. Stay tuned! I’ll be announcing five things about Trump or the NRA tomorrow and you won’t believe number three!

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