Lt. Tim McMillan on the handling of the George Floyd case and police reform

This week we welcome back Lt. Tim McMillan (ret) who we interviewed on a very different subject last year. ( I talked to Tim extensively about his career in law enforcement at that time if you missed it.) McMillan is a career law enforcement officer who worked in Georgia before joining a national task force to examine best (and worst) practices in police agencies around the country after he retired. He’s seen some of the ways police departments can really excel and, in other cases, where problems exist and they come up short. As part of that task force, Tim was involved in examining the Minneapolis Police Department back in 2016/2017. And as you’ll hear in this interview, the group found numerous problems there, long before the death of George Floyd.

He also talks about his work in the law enforcement community in Georgia and those involved in the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery. He goes on to discuss some of the best practices and ways that police can work more closely with law-abiding community members while still maintaining proper order. Tim was part of a large group of present and former LEOs, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, that signed a letter offering recommendations for how to address the current issues causing unrest across the country. We discuss some of those guidelines in the interview, but you can read the full list at the link.

Some other links and notes from the interview:
Details about the first African-American Police Chief in Minneapolis, appointed in 2017, and the challenges he has faced there.

Tim’s website, where you can catch up on his background and his current work as an investigative reporter.

And with that, let’s get on with the interview. I hope you find it as engaging and informative as I did.