Video: Suspect sucker punches NY cop on camera. Is immediately released by judge

New York City continues to descend into chaos under the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio, particularly when it comes to the rule of law. We’ve already witnessed multiple instances of people dumping buckets of water on police officers as they perform their duties. There are weekly “protests” in Brooklyn, where marching vandals chant “F*** the Police” and demand that the cops be banned from subway stations so they can more easily commit crimes. And in the latest incident, a suspect sucker-punched a member of the NYPD right in front of other officers. And thanks to the lax rules being pushed by City Hall, the suspect was back out on the street almost immediately. (CBS New York)


An NYPD officer was assaulted in a wild confrontation caught on camera in Brooklyn Heights. Police say 40-year-old Steven Haynes punched an officer after being asked to leave the middle of an intersection where he was sitting.

The attack took place near a Bank of America on Court and Livingston Streets…

Despite those charges, Haynes is reportedly already back out on the street, according to the Police Benevolent Association.

This joker decided to sit down in the middle of an intersection. I don’t know whether he’s mentally unstable or was simply being a provocateur, but he needed to be removed from the street for both his own safety and that of others. This brief video report from CBS News captures all the action.

The PBA has been trying to sound the alarm and raise awareness of how the thin blue line is being pushed to the breaking point.

The problem is that at least some of the judges in the city are already proactively implementing new “bail reform” policies that are set to go into effect on the first of the year. The Mayor and City Council members have determined that cash bail is somehow racist and “unfair” to various members of the community. They are also looking into decriminalization of some so-called “quality of life crimes” similar to what California is doing. (And of course, we all remember what happened when California decriminalized the theft of up to $1,000 worth of merchandise.)


When you remove the disincentive to commit crimes, a certain percentage of the population is going to take advantage of that opportunity. How this isn’t obvious to the powers that be in Gotham remains a mystery. The police are aware of it, however, and they wind up paying the price for these policies, along with all of the law-abiding citizens who wind up being victimized. As long as New Yorkers keep electing the same batch of liberal “reformers” year after year, this pattern will certainly continue.

Before closing, there’s yet another example of this phenomenon to consider. You may have already heard about the woman who was found to have assaulted three Jewish women on the street this week. She too was released the same day without bail. Well, she’d only been back on the street for a single day before she assaulted yet another woman. And yet again she was unleashed back on the public immediately.

Where is Snake Plissken when you need him? We really need to consider building a 100-foot wall around New York City and then make sure Bill de Blasio is on the inside of it before it’s finished.

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John Sexton 7:00 PM on December 09, 2023