Interview: Lt. Tim McMillan on law enforcement, government secrecy, UFOs and more

This week I interviewed Lt. Tim McMillan, a retired law enforcement officer who now works as an investigative journalist. He’s been published at outlets including the War Zone, Vice and Popular Mechanics. After a career as a police officer, detective and investigator, Tim now probes questions running the gamut from technology to government transparency and even UFOs.

We discussed the breadth of his career and explored questions on the UFO topic, including his work investigating the 2004 USS Nimitz incident and recent revelations about what the Pentagon has been up to in terms of investigating unidentified aerial phenomena. We also delve into some theories about why the government is so unwilling to be open about these subjects.

You can learn more about Tim’s amazing career and keep up with his body of published work at his web site. (Be sure to check out his report on some Romanian engineers who recently built a fully functional flying saucer of their own.) Now on with the interview.