Epstein’s suicide-watch ‘companion’ spills the beans

The now-deceased pedophile rapist Jeffrey Epstein ( he who is similar to drywall and Christmas lights) may have long since reached room temperature, but the bizarre story of his final days inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City continues to grow. This week, a fellow prisoner who was assigned to be the financier’s “companion” while on suicide watch gave a lengthy interview about the time they spent together and his appraisal of how Epstein died. Bill Mersey spent more than twenty hours in multiple shifts sitting in a cell with Epstein, allegedly having long conversations and trying to keep the man upbeat and less likely to try to harm himself. And some of the things he reveals will no doubt further feed the rumor mill. (Daily Beast)

Jeffrey Epstein’s onetime suicide-watch “companion” says he has no doubt the perverted financier killed himself in a federal lockup in Manhattan.

The former fellow prisoner, Bill Mersey, told DailyMailTV that Epstein was terrified of life behind bars and inquired about enlisting a black inmate to protect him in jail.

“He didn’t strike me as suicidal but sometimes you could see it in his eyes, ‘Oh my God, I’m never getting out of here.’ He would kind of drift off and I would try to bring him back,” Mersey, who was released from prison last month, told the British tabloid.

Mersey wasn’t in the cell with Epstein when he died (in fact, nobody was), so all he’s really offering here is an opinion. But assuming he’s telling the truth, he probably has a bit more insight than most. He claims that Epstein was afraid of spending the rest of his life behind bars, but was even more fearful of “getting his a** kicked” by other prisoners looking to extort money from him. I suppose that all checks out well enough.

Mersey claims that Epstein “didn’t seem to lose his mind” in jail, striking him as being an unassuming guy, though not very intelligent. He did add that during his last companion shift in the suicide watch cell, Epstein seemed to have “spiraled down” a bit, eating his dinner while sitting on the floor with his food between his legs. Perhaps this is an indication that the prisoner wasn’t quite so much over his suicidal tendencies as he conveyed to the prison psychologist.

The interview contains some salacious vignettes supposedly recounted by Epstein about two of his most famous friends… Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Neither involved any actual sex with Epstein’s victims but the stories imply that he was closer to both presidents than some might believe. The Trump story described a flight on Epstein’s private jet with “a french girl” and Trump suggesting landing in Atlantic City so he could “show her my casino.” (Mersey claims Epstein declined.) The Clinton story involved a trip to a city in China where Bubba made an offensive joke about an Asian woman they passed on the street.

How much you want to believe of those stories is up to you. Keep in mind that we’re getting this information third hand. It’s being told by someone claiming to recall a conversation with Epstein that took place in a jail cell. And the person telling the story was convicted of tax evasion related to an escort service (and likely prostitution ring) that he operated. Maybe the stories are true or maybe he’s just looking for his fifteen minutes of fame because of being tangentially related to an infamous crime story and growing conspiracy theory.

So does this get us any closer to knowing the truth about how Epstein ended his time on Earth? Not really. But I do agree with one of the last comments made toward the end of the interview. We may make jokes about this, but in order for Epstein to have “had some help in committing suicide” there would have to be a massive number of people involved in the coverup with nobody cracking and spilling the beans. It just seems unlikely.