Transgender bikini wax star now going after gynecologists

Unfortunately for you, I’m guessing you’ve already heard of Jessica Yaniv, the Canadian transgender activist who made headlines after attempting to sue a number of salon workers who refused him a “bikini wax.” (As usual, there’s no indication that Yaniv has had the “transitional” surgery, so I’m sticking with male pronouns until he does.) Fortunately for the salon workers (or estheticians), the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal tossed those cases, saying that the workers had no training in grooming male genitalia and had not consented to such activity.

Now Yaniv is apparently planning a new line of assaults. As the Daily Wire reports, yesterday the trans activist took to Twitter to complain about how he was refused an appointment at a gynecologist’s office. And you can almost smell the litigation heading this way over the horizon.

On Monday night, the activist ranted via Twitter about allegedly being discriminated against and turned away from a gynecology office because Yaniv is transgender.

“Ok so [Fraser Health] needs to stop hiring employees who are discriminatory towards the #LGBTQ and use their bulls*** excuses on why they can’t see you even though you have a referral from the emergency department and live in the Fraser Health area!!” Yaniv posted to Twitter. “I want help and can’t get it!!”

In the follow-up tweet on this subject, pay close attention to the question being asked.

Are they allowed to do that, legally?”

You can already see what this is about. It’s strikingly similar to all of the gay weddings where someone was refused a specific design of a wedding cake. Ask for services until you find someone who refuses and then take them to court. It assures you plenty of headlines and you might even cash in for a nice payday in the process.

Leaving that aspect of the story aside for a moment, we can move on to ask if this is really how far we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole in this entire transgender debate. Jessica Yaniv does not have a uterus, ovaries or any of the rest of the normal female plumbing. And if the estheticians from the previous story are to be believed, he doesn’t even have a fake, surgically crafted vagina, to say nothing of a real one.

If that’s the case, what services would a gynecologist have to offer him? Those doctors are medical specialists. They are trained in the full range of medical care women require for a particular part of their bodies. It’s likely that none of them have even seen a penis or a set of testicles in a professional setting since medical school. This is a preposterous demand, but one that I can easily see being supported by transgender activist groups in the United States.

Why? Because we’ve now literally gone that freaking crazy. That’s why. There’s going to be someone on The View within the week demanding equality in the gynecological medical field. Bet me a donut on it.

Here’s your occasional, gentle reminder of something about the politicization of the medical profession in America in the 21st century. Gender dysphoria (for those who legitimately suffer from the syndrome rather than being “socialized” into it) is the only mental illness of this sort where we’ve begun seeing professionals encouraging the confusion and delusions of their patients rather than treating them. If you suffer from clinical lycanthropy your doctor is not going to advise you to start eating dog biscuits and tell everyone else to be more tolerant if you want to rip their throats out. If you suffer from Cotard’s Syndrome, your doctor isn’t going to advise your friends to go ahead and bury you and tell you to start shopping for a nice set of clothes for your funeral.

But for some reason, if you were born with a perfectly normal DNA structure, male genitals and all the rest, if you go tell some doctors that you really, really, really believe you are a woman, they’ll send you out to buy tampons. None of this is doing any favors for actual patients laboring under this condition.