Canadian teacher: "Girls are not real"

Imagine sending your six-year-old daughter off to elementary school one day, only to have her come home and start asking you whether she was actually a girl or if girls and boys are even real things. And this is a daughter who was previously well adjusted and never gave any indication that such a question had even crossed her mind. That’s what happened to the parents of one young girl in Ontario, Canada last year. After watching a classroom presentation on gender and “queer kid stuff,” the child came home completely flummoxed. And the parents wound up having to switch her to a different school and go to court over the matter. (Christian Post)

Parents who filed a human rights complaint against a school where their 6-year-old daughter was being taught that “there’s no such thing as boys and girls” have now filed a lawsuit against the school board, principal, and the teacher.

The teacher, who taught a first grade class at Devonshire Community Public School in Ontario, Canada, last year, presented a YouTube video on gender called “He, She, and They?!?—Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2,” which was part of the lesson plan that day, Pamela Buffone, the mother of the 6-year-old girl, told The Post Millennial earlier this year.

Apparently, after watching the aforementioned “queer kid stuff” film, the teacher drew an arc on the blackboard, writing “boy” on one end and “girl” on the other end. The students were then asked to go point to where they felt they belonged on the “spectrum.” The couple’s daughter went up to the board and pointed to the far end where the word “girl” was written.

At that point, the girl was reportedly “corrected” in front of the class. The teacher told her that “girls are not real, and boys are not real.” You know… because everyone is on a “spectrum” now.

This case brings up two important arguments. One is being addressed in the parents’ court case, the other is more general and societal in nature. The parents are arguing that exposing very young children to this sort of indoctrination means that “women’s rights are being redefined away from female rights to the rights of people who identify as a stereotype. It’s a terrible message to be sending to girls or anyone because it undermines the value and dignity we have as humans by separating what it means to be human from our biological reality.”

I’ll agree with that, but point out another aspect of this phenomenon not mentioned in their case. This was a child who had not been questioning her “gender identity” in any way, shape or form. She wasn’t even close to puberty and was only just coming to grips with the differences between the sexes, with an example cited of how she began asking if dogs she saw being walked were “boy dogs or girl dogs.” (Pretty typical for a five or six-year-old.”)

But after having this confusing subject thrown in her face by a figure of authority, she began questioning her nascent understanding of reality. In other words, this didn’t come from any “gender confusion” on the part of the child. It was implanted into her by her teacher, an adult, and a person of authority. And I largely suspect that this is how virtually all these cases of “transgender kids” come into being. This isn’t a normal line of thought for a healthy elementary school child. It’s implanted in them by their woke parents, older peers or, as in this case, even their teachers.

The only exceptions would be legitimate cases of patients suffering from actual gender dysphoria. But even then it shouldn’t onset until much closer to or even after puberty when questions about human sexuality naturally arise. True gender dysphoria may be properly classified as a mental illness, no matter what some segments of the medical community are claiming these days. But these cases involving young children are turning into an epidemic. And it’s being spread by adults.