Who needs women's sports anyway?

With all of the debate currently raging around the issue of transgender women (men) taking part in competitive women’s sports these days, we should probably take time to get the actual female perspective on the issue. With that in mind, I would direct you to read this enlightening column from Libby Emmons at Spectator USA. Ms. Emmons brings the expected, empathetic point of view that such a complex question calls for, particularly when so many toxic males (such as yours truly) have been weighing in.

So what’s her conclusion? You women need to get off the fainting couch and deal with reality because let’s face it… “women suck at sports.”

It’s time for women to realize they’re just no good at sports. Women simply can’t compete. If they could, it wouldn’t be so easy for bigger, tougher, stronger, male-bodied competitors to trounce them. We’re seeing a revolution in women’s sports, and it’s not coming from the female-bodied competitors but their betters. Why else would women athletes be revolting?

Trans women athletes are fierce, formidable, and frankly better in all competitive categories except women’s gymnastics, and that’s only because that’s a sport that was dumbed down from the male version to be better suited to weaker bodies…

In rugby, weightlifting, cycling, and track and field, transgender athletes who were born male perform at higher levels than their female-bodied counterparts. Referees for women’s rugby in the United Kingdom can testify to how much better trans players are. Kelly Morgan, a trans woman who plays in the Welsh women’s league, is so powerful that, the club captain said, she once ‘folded an opponent “like a deckchair”’. As the injuries mount on the field, women should take note and give their spots on the team to the trans athletes that deserve them.

Okay, so this is a satire piece. (Oh, dear Lord… I certainly hope it was supposed to be satire.) But Emmons uses some heavily snark infested humor to point out some of the brutal realities women are dealing with in competitive sports in the face of the transgender woke revolution.

The author points out multiple studies showing that simply lowering the testosterone levels of biological males doesn’t eliminate their natural advantage over women in most competitive sports. She also cites a number of examples, many of which we’ve covered here, of top-level female competitors who have been sidelined by biological males “identifying” as women.

These examples are growing in number every month. They include the sports of weightlifting, cycling, rugby, track & field and others. But unlike most of us complaining about the unfair advantages on display and the danger to the future of competitive women’s sports without solutions, Emmons offers up a plan. She notes a recent study which found that women being given a ten-week course of testosterone cream were able to significantly increase their endurance and performance. And the treatment didn’t raise their testosterone levels above the five nanomoles per liter limit imposed by the International Olympic Committee for male-to-female transgender athletes.

But is that really the only answer? In order to compete as natural, biological women, they need to put unnatural hormones in their bodies just to be able to compete with men identifying as women? The long term health effects of such treatments are still not entirely understood, but that’s not really the point. This solution seeks to turn the female competitors into a version of what they’re currently battling against. Can’t we simply restrict competitive women’s sports to actual women, no matter how their bodies produce various hormones?

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