The "blood" in the Impossible Burger is a horror show

The push to have “plant-based meat” replace actual beef, chicken and other real meats is accelerating around the nation. Sales are now so brisk that Impossible Foods can’t keep up with the demand for their products. This is leading more and more journalists to experiment with their genetically modified nightmare offerings and the reviews have been surprisingly positive. One common claim is that they seem to have truly recreated the texture and “mouth feel” of actual beef patties.

Fair enough, but what about the juicy nature or a real burger? We all know where it comes from… blood. But plants don’t have blood, so how are they getting these frightening burgers to “bleed” when you bite into them? Jack DeWitt, a farmer-agronomist writing at, looked into the matter and found out. And the story behind this fake blood is, if anything, more lurid than the process of making the burger patties.

Their controversial “blood” source is soy leghemoglobin, the red-colored protein found in the nodules attached to the roots of soybeans and other leguminous plants. Here Rhizobium bacteria take nitrogen from the air and supply it to the plant in exchange for some carbohydrate from the plant — a symbiotic arrangement.

Leghemoglobin is very similar to blood hemoglobin. Blood hemoglobin absorbs oxygen in the lungs and ferries it to tissues where it exchanges it for carbon dioxide, a feat made possible by differences in pH in the lungs versus tissues. Leghemoglobin is 10 times more efficient than hemoglobin at binding oxygen. Its function in the nodule is to absorb excess oxygen that would poison the nitrogen-fixing process carried out by the Rhizobium.

Boy howdy! The “red-colored protein found in the nodules attached to the roots of soybeans.” Makes your mouth water just reading the words, doesn’t it?

But DeWitt is a man of science and points out some disturbing facts here. Chief among these is the fact that Leghemoglobin “has never been consumed by humans before.” He points out that Impossible Foods conducted “very little safety testing” before injecting this fake “blood” into their burgers. Further, the FDA warned the company that they had not proven that Leghemoglobin is safe for human consumption but they’re still allowing the company to market the burgers anyway.

Also, this blood isn’t coming from soybeans or even the roots of the plant. Just like the “Heme” they use to make the “meat,” it’s being made in vats of genetically modified yeast. Remind me again how this was all approved so quickly?

This entire project is just part of the liberal vegan plot to wipe out cows because their farts are causing climate change or something. And too many of you are jumping whole hog onto the bandwagon. (Of course, we probably won’t have hogs for much longer at this rate.) Then, after they’ve shipped off all the cows, only the very wealthy in their gated communities (many of whom will probably the liberal investors pushing this mad science project) will be able to afford an actual hamburger.

Meanwhile, we’re all being told to cut back on burgers and only have one and a half per week. This is supposedly meant to ensure we can feed ten billion people by the second half of this century. But it’s all part of a massive conspiracy to get rid of the cows and force everyone to live on leaves and twigs. And we’re just sitting back and watching it happen. Shameful.