Silicon Valley would like to reverse engineer a UFO

Where is the next big tech breakthrough going to come from? Apple, Google or some new startup in California are all in the running, but what if it’s from somewhere further away? Like very, very much further away? Business Insider has a report on some leaders in Big Tech who are openly admitting an interest in all of these UFO reports that have been circulating of late and a desire to get hold of one of them to reverse engineer their technology. You know… for the betterment of mankind. Er… personkind.

There are some technologists who are fascinated with UFOs and what they could mean for technology here on Earth, according to Vice. And with US Navy pilots reporting mysterious spherical objects flying around at high speeds, these tech execs may get their chance.

Vice interviewed three tech executives willing to admit their fascination with UFOs for the piece. The article says that admitting an interest in hypothetical alien spacecraft is “still a pretty taboo subject” in the tech industry, and that many investors are unwilling to support related ventures because there is “no guarantee of payoff.”

Deep Prasad, CEO of Canadian quantum computing startup ReactiveQ, told Vice that his goal is ultimately to find a UFO and reverse engineer it, for the betterment of mankind.

Well… sure. I mean who wouldn’t want to get their hands on an alien spacecraft? Lately, the government/military has been getting a lot more chatty about some of the stuff they’ve been chasing around in our airspace, and based on the films they’ve released and the descriptions from some of the pilots, if those things actually are alien craft they’ve got some awesome technology. Given the way they navigate and accelerate, it appears as if they might have cracked the code on distorting gravity or possibly even inertial dampening.

And the moment you figure out how to attenuate gravity in either direction, that’s it. The entire world changes forever. Massive advancements in transportation, construction and even virtually limitless supplies of clean, nearly free energy are all on the table. This has led some of the more excitable conspiracy theorists to claim that we actually do have that technology, but the government is keeping it from us because it would put the energy companies and the airlines out of business overnight.

Of course, that brings us back to the basic problem with the desires of the tech CEOs interviewed for that report. Before we can reverse engineer an alien craft, we need to actually, you know… have one. And just seeing them zipping around over the ocean with capabilities that our pilots and planes can’t come near matching isn’t getting us any closer to having a craft to try this out on. Well, unless of course, you believe Bob Lazar. (For the record, I don’t. Your mileage may vary.)

Anyone even mildly interested in the topic of UFOs knows about Lazar. For those of you who don’t, he’s spent the last several decades claiming that he used to work at Area 51 and was actually inside of an alien spacecraft they were trying to reverse engineer way back then. Of course, Phil Schneider claims to have been working for the government and wound up in a shootout with a group of aliens where part of his genitalia was shot off, so what do I know?

Anyway, if there are any recovered aliens spacecraft tucked away somewhere and waiting to be reverse engineered, nobody is owning up to it yet. In the meantime, here’s a video of Bob Lazar being interviewed by Joe Rogan for his very popular podcast. It’s actually quite interesting and whether you believe any of this or not, Bob spins a good tale.