Video: Nancy Pelosi doesn't see "the point" in enforcing immigration law

I’ve heard it said that the truth will set you free. Assuming that’s the case, Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be feeling particularly light and free this week. In a rather candid set of remarks captured on video, Pelosi was asked a question about the now-delayed set of ICE raids in a dozen cities around the country. Her response certainly smacks of the truth, even if she didn’t intend to say it. Talking about illegal aliens who are already loose inside the United States and who presumably haven’t committed other, more serious crimes, she said that she didn’t “see the point” in going after them. (Free Beacon)

While discussing immigration at a town hall on Monday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) asked her audience, “what’s the point?” of enforcing immigration with the United States’ bounds.

“When I saw the president was going to have these raids, it’s so appalling, it’s outside the realm of civilized human behavior, just kicking down doors and splitting up families in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border,” she said. “We have legislation to go forward to address those needs. But in terms of interior enforcement, what’s the point?”

Pelosi went on to say that she would not pursue the question further, as this was not a “political event.”

Here’s the video. Certainly doesn’t seem like she misspoke to me.

That’s the money quote for you. “But in terms of interior enforcement, what’s the point?”

If I may be so bold, the “point” is that these are the laws of the United States. And while I hate to have to point this out, she’s the Speaker of one of the two legislative bodies responsible for crafting and maintaining our laws. If there’s no point in enforcing it, why bother having the laws on the books? Or is that what she’s hinting at here?

It’s true that for a very long time now, we’ve had to focus on locating, detaining and deporting primarily just the worst of the worst in terms of illegal aliens. The ones with lengthy criminal records are clearly a higher priority than those who otherwise keep their noses clean. And the fact is that there are so many millions of illegal aliens in the interior of the country, ICE has had their hands full just trying to keep up with the criminals.

But that doesn’t mean that the rest of them aren’t eligible for arrest and deportation, particularly those with a final deportation order in place and a warrant out for their arrest. “Kicking in doors” and “splitting up families” is what happens when people break the law and are caught. It goes on every day with American citizens who violate the law and may have families. Shall we start exempting everyone with a spouse and children from all law enforcement? If so, you should have been complaining when they sent Manafort to jail.

This was a remarkable moment of honesty for the Speaker of the House, I think. When it comes to illegal immigration, this is all one big game of Red Rover Red Rover for her. If you can make it over the border and touch base, we just ignore you and let you stay. And she’s not particularly worried about stopping them before they make it over the border either, particularly if anyone is inconvenienced. Simply incredible.