Paint that wall! Paint that wall!

You’ve all heard the chants at various rallies held by the President for three years or so. Build the Wall! But now there’s some wall actually being built, both by the government and through privately funded efforts. If they keep going at that rate, many of the most heavily trafficked gaps along the border will be closed. But what do we do then?

Well, since the military is involved, there’s always a ready answer at hand. You paint it! And that’s what the Army is getting ready to do. Of course, Democrats are already finding a reason to be upset about this as well. (NY Post)

Active-duty US troops are set to begin painting a year-old stretch of fencing on the Mexican border to “improve the aesthetic appearance” — at the same time tens of thousands of asylum seekers are overwhelming border facilities and personnel.

Border Patrol spokesman Carlos Pitones said troops on Friday will begin painting a one-mile section in Calexico, California, about 120 miles east of San Diego.

The wall there has 30-foot-high rust-colored steel slats that were erected last year — the first border barriers built under President Trump, who had long promised a “big” and “beautiful” border wall.

Speaking as somebody with direct military experience, there’s a lot of truth to the old maxim, “if it moves, salute it. If it doesn’t, paint it.” If you’re an enlisted person in the U.S. military, you wind up spending a considerable amount of time painting sooner or later.

They’re not revealing what color the paint job will be yet, but it doesn’t really matter as long as the barrier is very difficult to cross. Perhaps they could host a contest where local artists could submit designs for murals and let the winners decorate it.

Of course, you can’t mention the word “wall” these days without Democrats having a hissy fit. Dick Durbin reportedly called the wall-painting “a disgraceful misuse” of taxpayer money. Oh really, Senator? The troops are already there. They’re going to be paid whether they are painting or doing something else. What spending are you complaining about… the cost of the paint? That would be rich coming from the party of higher taxes and spending every dime you can vacuum up on each social justice program that comes along.

In the meantime, CBP agents made more than 140,000 arrests just in the month of May. Perhaps Senator Durbin could take a fresh look at his priorities and stop dithering over a shipment of paint.