Shouldn't you listen to girls when they don't want boys in their bathroom?

Listen to the women (or girls in this case)… unless they’re saying something that’s politically unpopular among liberals.

This is an interesting story that didn’t get much play in the mainstream media but took place recently in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Abraham Lincoln High School apparently instituted transgender agenda rules and declared that boys “identifying” as girls would be allowed to use the girls’ bathroom facilities. But in a rare act of defiance against this rising social justice tide, groups of the girls staged a walkout, demanding their right to privacy (not to mention physical safety) be protected. (LifeSiteNews)

Last week, the debate erupted again in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Two groups of students staged a walkout at Abraham Lincoln High School over bathroom privacy, with the protest being sparked by a girl who stated that her privacy was violated by a biological male who “recently began to identify as a girl” using the female bathroom. She was joined by about twenty other high school girls who left the school at 10:30 AM and began “chanting for privacy in restrooms, saying they don’t want boys transitioning into being girls to be in the restroom with them.”

It is worth noting that much of the transgender ideology is so new that if someone had predicted high school girls would be fighting to keep biological males out of their bathrooms ten years ago, LGBT activists would have accused those making these predictions of fearmongering, bigotry, and deceit. Now, of course, if you defend the right of young girls to be uncomfortable with penises in their bathrooms and change rooms, you are guilty of transphobia. Some trans activists have gone so far as to say that girls uncomfortable changing in the presence of biological boys need to get over their internalized transphobia.

Here’s the video of some local news coverage of the walkout, including interviews with students.

The response from the school thus far has been flat denial. The school’s principal claims that federal education policy matches policies put in place by the state of Iowa and they are required to allow this to take place.

So, as I mentioned at the top, what happened to “believe all women” in this debate? Or at least listen to the women and girls. It is not crazy or “transphobic” to expect that basic privacy rights be respected when it comes to school policy. Going through young adulthood is hard enough without having to deal with these sorts of confusing and intrusive exercises implemented from on high.

The country has definitely been going through a lot of changes and not all of them are for the better. In this case, we’re talking about madness. We claim to want to encourage young girls to go into the sciences, but then we send them to schools where they are told that centuries of established biological science is being thrown out the window and they’ll just have to get used to sharing their bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with “girls with penises.”

And you wonder why homeschooling is on the rise? Here’s a prime example for you.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022
David Strom 4:41 PM on September 26, 2022