The timing of all this Biden "scrutiny" is certainly convenient, eh?

When I got up this morning and turned on CNN, the very first thing I saw was a panel discussing all of the “creepy Joe Biden” news. This wasn’t much of a change from much of what I had been seeing all weekend. (In fact, I dedicated part of my Sunday to writing about it.) Similarly, when I began browsing the headlines on various news sites, the same story kept popping up today. Here’s one example from the Associated Press.

Biden defends his behavior with women

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday he doesn’t believe he ever acted inappropriately toward women but will “listen respectfully” to suggestions he did.

Biden, who is deciding whether to join the 2020 presidential race, released a new statement in response to allegations from a Nevada politician that he kissed her on the back of the head in 2014 and made her uncomfortable.

“In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately,” he said. “If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention.”

The vast majority of the criticism of Joe Biden being too handsy, touchy-feely or just plain “creepy” is coming from Democrats. More specifically, almost entirely female Democrats. And they had plenty of evidence to bring to the table. But here’s something to consider when examining the charges. Do you know why it was so easy for people to quickly come up with a supercut montage of Joe Biden hugging, shoulder-rubbing, kissing or hair-sniffing a bunch of women? Because he’s been doing it out in the open for years, dating back to his earliest days in politics.

And in all that time, while it was mostly conservatives and Republicans pointing it out, it was generally treated as more of a joke. It wasn’t as if Biden had been conducting illicit affairs in motel rooms or visiting prostitutes in other countries and only a handful of people knew about it. It was just Joe being Joe and it was all out in the open. It’s behavior that perhaps isn’t as acceptable in 2019 as it was viewed in years past, but he wasn’t sexually harassing anyone. You can fairly say he was “invading their personal space” I suppose, but that’s about it.

So with that mountain of evidence available, how is it that we’re just hearing about it from all of these Democrats now? Some might suggest that it’s only because it’s being viewed in the context of the #MeToo era, but that started fairly early in 2017. If Joe’s actions are that objectionable, you’d think that he would have been one of the very first targets put up against the wall.

Here’s a theory for you. I’d be willing to bet that if Joe Biden had come out around Christmas and said that he just didn’t have it in him to make another run for the presidency and would instead just be spending his time bolstering other Democrats and the party in general, you never would have heard a peep out of these women or the liberal media. We wouldn’t be talking about it. He’d still be Good Time Joe and a popular figure on the left for the rest of his days.

But Joe didn’t do that. He kept hinting that he was actually going to run and refusing to bow out. And to make matters worse, he quickly established a massive lead in the polls that continues to this day. But the Democrats don’t want an old white man winning the nomination again, so something had to be done. Trust me… this was no accident. It was orchestrated among some of the movers and shakers in the party.

The only question was which woman (women) would be chosen to go hang the bell around the cat’s neck. It’s not like there weren’t plenty of candidates. So the appropriate “victims” were identified and the media dutifully lined them up to begin throwing dirt on Biden’s political grave. And if they do manage to drive Joe out of the race before he even officially gets in, you can be assured of one other thing. You’ll never hear another peep out of the Democrats or any liberal media outlets about Biden’s unacceptable behavior toward women again.