Case dropped against Christian baker

The latest liberal attack against Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips has come to an abrupt end. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission dropped a lawsuit against Phillips, leading the baker to drop his own countersuit against the state. While this may appear to be a victory for Phillips, I somehow doubt this is the last we’ll hear of such challenges. (Washington Times)

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission on Tuesday dropped its latest case against Christian cakeshop owner Jack Phillips, handing him a second victory against state officials over his refusal to create cakes for certain LGBT events.

Mr. Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, agreed in exchange to drop his lawsuit against the state, which he filed last year after the commission took action against him for declining to make a blue-and-pink cake to celebrate a transgender transition.

Kristen Waggoner, who represents Mr. Phillips as Alliance Defending Freedom senior vice president, called the outcome “great news for everyone.”

As I mentioned above, we would be foolish to think that this represents the end of the anti-Christian court tactics that have become a favorite tool of liberals. There will no doubt be more of these cases showing up in the news, and if Jack Phillips isn’t the target it will just be some other baker, photographer, event planner or what have you. The first time they came after Phillips it was over a demand for a cake celebrating a gay wedding. This time it was a “celebration” of someone “transitioning” their gender.

Who ever heard of a transgender transition cake? That was something made up to goad Phillips into refusing the job, specifically so they could take him to court again and eventually bankrupt him with legal fees. We’ve seen this strategy employed over and over again. Some gay couple announces their wedding and then begins calling around to bakeries and photography studios, specifically asking if they will provide services for their gay wedding. Most of the people who answer the phone are quite happy to get the work, but they hang up and move on to the next name on the list until someone declines. Then the lawsuits start.

Some of these stories pass into legend in the SJW hall of fame without even having been based in reality. Do you remember Memories Pizza in Indiana? They gained national fame (or notoriety, depending on who you ask) for refusing to cater a gay wedding. But in reality, there never was a gay couple getting married. The whole thing started when a local reporter was calling around looking for a wedding caterer who wouldn’t take a job handling a gay couple’s reception. Everyone they asked said they would take the job and they finally wound up calling every business related to food service until they finally called that pizza shop. (Who in the world would have a pizza shop cater their wedding anyway?) The entire story was a media fabrication looking to provoke controversy. The owners eventually closed the shop last year, but only because they were retiring.

So Jack Phillips can relax for a while and stop running up legal bills. But the next case is coming. Don’t be surprised if liberals begin calling up bakeries and demanding cakes to celebrate Karl Marx’s birthday.