Martina Navratilova is excommunicated from the LGBT church

Continuing with our recent trend of covering the “men dominating women in female sports” theme, another prominent female sports figure has now learned what happens when you speak out against the transgender narrative crowd. It doesn’t end well for you. This time we’re talking about women’s tennis, among other sports, and the person who foolishly went so far as to express “concerns” about the inherent inequality on display was tennis legend Martina Navratilova. She even included all of the usual bowing and scraping about how we should “respect the bravery” of people swapping genders and gaining a competitive edge, but she was still taken to the woodshed over it. (From our colleague Sister Toljah at Redstate)

Tennis great Martina Navratilova is learning the hard way that apologizing to militant transgender activists is not – and will never be – enough.

On Sunday, Navratilova used her personal website to address the recent controversies surrounding comments she’s made about the unfairness of men getting to compete as women in women’s sports…

What she didn’t posit were actual solutions that would satisfy both sides because for one side – the transgender side – nothing less than total surrender to their demands will work.

Navratilova’s sin, in this case, was asking to “open up the debate” and point out some of the underlying scientific realities about the inherent physical differences between the genders. True, she did use the word “cheat” in her description, bringing down even more wrath on her head. But let’s face it… if you’re a boy competing against girls (no matter what you “identify” as) you are cheating.

So what was the response to her request for open dialogue? Dawn Ennis of Outsports immediately compared her to (wait for it…), Joseph Goebbels. In some ways that’s even better than the usual Hitler comparisons because it’s just a touch more subtle.

It’s not just condemnation from the media that silences women who raise these concerns. We also recently learned female athletes in multiple sports have privately confessed that they are afraid to speak out on the subject because their own sporting organizations will call them out as bigots. The Daily Caller covered the story of British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, who said she’s spoken to many women across various athletic disciplines who don’t dare voice their objections to competing against men.

Davies told Sky News that she’s had “many” conversations with female athletes who are afraid to speak out, especially “people who are competing at the moment.”

“They’re worried that their governing bodies will frown on it, they’re worried that their sponsors will think it’s not PC and that they’re not allowed to do this,” said Davies, who won a silver medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics.

“And that’s what I think is wrong with this debate. Why should we label someone who has a different view as you as transphobic?” she asked.

Fortunately for Davies, she’s retired from competition and doesn’t need to fear the angry mob coming to end her career. But for those still in competition, they know that if they voice their objections, they will be the subject of boycotts and social media attacks. Sadly, if this trend keeps up, women’s professional and amateur sports will largely be a thing of the past. So much for the era of women’s empowerment I guess.