Hillary: I'm gone, but won't be forgotten

The timing of this story is somewhat coincidental, at least for me. I was on Drew Mariani’s show yesterday when the subject of another Hillary Clinton presidential bid came up and was batted around for a while. (For the record, I said I couldn’t see her doing it.) As it turns out, at nearly the same time that was happening, the former First Lady was doing an interview with a local television station in New Jersey and providing the answer. She’s ruling out another run for the White House, but wants you to know that she’ll be sticking around and “speaking out.” (Washington Times)

She’s not going anywhere, but also not to the White House.

In an interview Monday with a New Jersey TV station, former First Lady Hillary Clinton ruled out a 2020 presidential bid while insisting that she intends to remain in the public eye.

“I’m not running, but I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe,” she told News12 New Jersey.

Mrs. Clinton has been one of the highest-profile figures in American politics for more than a quarter-century though, and she insisted in the interview that would not change.

That whooshing sound you hear is millions of Democrats around the country heaving a massive sigh of relief. The Clintons represented a political powerhouse in Democratic circles for decades, but they’ve lately become so toxic that few wanted to see a rerun of their disastrous 2016 efforts. Add to that all of the questions about Bubba during the #MeToo era and you’ve got a formula for disaster.

But hey… our former Secretary of State and New York Senator will still be out there contributing to the conversation and helping where she can. I wonder what that’s going to look like. Bill already made it clear that he had advice to offer potential Democratic candidates, but nobody seems to be interested in listening. (And let’s keep in mind that he’s the Clinton who actually won his race. Twice.)

Now she will continue to “contribute” to the conversation. And why not? She’s a citizen and entitled to her own freedom of speech like anyone else. Maybe she can even land another seven-figure book deal, though I’m not sure how many people would be lining up read such a missive at this point. But beyond that, I’m happy to bid her farewell as she fully embraces her retirement and takes her place in the pages of history.

She was an attorney who became famous for marrying a successful politician. She was handed her Senate seat on a silver platter by the national party and proceeded to accomplish essentially nothing in the upper chamber as she waited for her chance to run for President. As Secretary of State she failed to close so much as a single significant diplomatic deal and couldn’t name one accomplishment of note during her time at State when asked. She was a mediocre candidate at best, and failed both times she grabbed for the brass ring she truly coveted.

But if you want to chat with her and seek out her sage advice, just pick up the phone. She’s ready to talk.