PETA vs. Tiffany Haddish. Get out the popcorn.

As regular readers likely know, I’m generally a fan of any story that gets PETA up in arms. But in this case, I came to the headline in question needing a lot more information. It involves a report of a protest by a comedian named Tiffany Haddish. Despite the fact that I’m a big fan of standup comedy and watch plenty of comedians’ specials, I’d never heard of her. It turns out she’s been featured quite a bit and appeared in some movies I’d never seen, but I somehow missed her act up until now.

This tale doesn’t have anything to do with her comedy routines, however. Ms. Haddish is upset about the treatment of black suspects by police, much the same as Colin Kaepernick. Fair enough. It’s certainly still a relevant topic in this country. But her method of protesting is, shall we say, a bit on the unusual side. Haddish recently declared that she was going to continue wearing fur until the police stop killing black suspects. That, of course, put PETA in a bit of an awkward position. (Washington Examiner)

Animal rights group PETA loves comedian Tiffany Haddish, but its members still want her to find a protest strategy that doesn’t require fur.

The entertainer, who has appeared in films including “Girls Trip” and “Keanu,” annoyed activists and animal lovers alike when she posted a recent Instagram video vowing that fur garments would remain part of her wardrobe until police “stop killing black people.”

Wearing a fur vest given to her by a fan after a show at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, Calif., Haddish said in the clip she’s protesting deaths of minorities in policy custody.

So she’s going to continue wearing animal fur as part of her wardrobe until the police change their ways, eh? Well… that will certainly show the cops a thing or two. There’s nothing police hate more than people wearing fur vests, right? (/sarc)

Seriously… what do these two things have to do with each other? When I first saw this story, I was prompted to offer my own matching protest on Twitter.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t even a suitable comparison. Vowing to eat meat until everyone becomes a vegan (yes… that was a joke) still involves an action which is somehow related to the issue under discussion. But how does the fight against people wearing fur have anything to do with Black Lives Matter? Is this some new intersectionality theory?

In any event, PETA was left struggling with how to handle this protest. Normally, if they have some conservative-leaning target in their sights, the organization comes out guns blazing. (Figuratively speaking, of course. They don’t support gun rights either.) But Haddish is obviously a liberal activist and presumably someone who would normally stand alongside their ranks. So rather than launching an attack, PETA came forward with their hat in their hands and tried to deliver a little sugar to make the medicine go down with the following statement:

As an animal rights organizations, we advocate for, and believe in, kindness towards all, including animals. We hope that you choose to protest in a different way that doesn’t harm any humans or any animals, but is kind to all.”

No word yet as to how she’s reacting to PETA’s input. She’s only tweeted four times so far this year and none of them have anything to do with the controversy. So, at least for now, I suppose the fur-bearing show must go on.

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