The EU is still trying to kill Brexit with arrows of kindness

Are we seeing signals out of Brussels and London that we may be moving from Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit or No Deal Brexit to… No Brexit at all? Any time the European Union comes along with a new measure offering to “help you out” with something you should make sure they’re not hiding a knife behind their back. That seems to be the case with the latest ruling coming from the EU Parliament this month.

Seeing all of the trouble that Prime Minister Theresa May is having in trying to sell her “final” Brexit deal to Parliament, the EU decided to take matters into their own hands with a new “finding” recently. The European Court of Justice, apparently without anyone in Great Britain even asking for their opinion, ruled that if the Brits want to back out of this whole Brexit thing and come back to the fold, they will be able to do so without waiting for the remaining EU members to vote on allowing them to stay. How nice of them, eh? (Epoch Times)

The UK can back out of Brexit without the agreement of the European Union, the advocate general of the European Court of Justice said in official advice on a case brought by anti-Brexit campaigners.

The plaintiffs are hoping the case will light the legal path for British lawmakers to back out of Brexit—if they wish to—as they vote on the Brexit deal hashed out between the EU and UK.

The court is expected to make a final ruling sometime before Christmas, but such preliminary advice from the advocate general is typically followed in final judgments. The statement from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) bolsters a campaign for the British people to be given the option to overturn Brexit—something the government insists won’t happen.

This vote was certainly almost entirely ceremonial and intended to send a message far more than clarifying any EU legal questions. The union has opposed anyone leaving from the very beginning and if the Brits turned around and said they’d changed their minds, what are the chances that any of the member countries would vote against letting them stay? Very close to zero if you ask me.

Their likely intention was to send a signal to wavering PMs in the British Parliament who are considering switching sides and voting against Theresa May’s final Brexit deal. That message is that they don’t need to worry and if they throw May under the bus and attempt to either call for a second referendum or scotch the Brexit deal entirely. All will be forgiven and they’ll have a safe haven with the European Union.

Of course, May and the Brexiteers have shown zero sign of backing down or allowing another referendum, which would further tear Great Britain apart. At the point, the only way the Remainers are going to get their way is if they can convince enough of the Tories and their allies to jump ship and vote down the Brexit deal that’s on the table. At that point the country is either heading for a No Deal Brexit (which nobody seems to want) or they’ll have to hold a vote of no confidence, boot May from office and start over on trying to schedule a new vote on leaving.

Things are getting uglier by the week in London. The Tories have the votes to finish this deal and leave the EU, but they only have those votes in theory. There are still too many PMs willing to go forward with Brexit, but not under the current deal. They want a different arrangement, but there is no such deal on the horizon that could be sold to the EU Parliament. The Brits have indeed lived to see interesting times, as the saying goes.