Scientific research is being squashed in transgender surgery

Much of the recent transgender news has revolved around anticipated changes to Title IX language intended to restore a scientific basis to interpretations of the words sex and gender. But there’s been another disturbing trend in the education community which bears keeping an eye on. At Redstate, Brandon Morse has a troubling report about the suppression of research work into the frequency of patients experiencing regret over having transitional surgery, seeking to have it undone and other emotional or psychological challenges they have encountered. And it’s an increasingly common phenomenon.

Sex change surgeries for people who suffer from gender dysphoria often lead to disastrous ends.

Those who undergo the surgeries are 19 times more likely to commit suicide after the procedure, and that’s already on top of a 41 percent suicide rate for those who suffer from gender dysphoria as is.

Yet, despite our knowledge of these numbers, the scientific and medical communities are afraid to tackle the subject for fear of what it could cost them in terms of careers and reputations. In today’s day and age, talking negatively about transgenderism in any capacity will result in the naysayer being labeled a societal pariah, guilty of bigotry and hatred towards the LGBT community.

There are already specific instances of this suppression of research being reported. As Morse points out, James Caspian, a psychotherapist at Bath Spa University in England, specializes in transgender medical issues and had been approved for a research project. It was designed to study incidents of “detransitioning” among those who had undergone surgery and the aftereffects. But after the ethics board reviewed the proposal, his study was canceled. The university cited fears of a “backlash from the LGBT community and the transgender lobby.

This wasn’t a case of a completed study being criticized. This was only a proposed study that was shut down out of fear over the social media and MSM response they would receive. That’s rather tragic, particularly when you consider the work of Doctor Miroslav Djordjevic in Serbia, who is cited in this report. He’s performed hundreds of surgeries intended to reverse the initial transgender surgery done to the patient and seen the results. The incidents of depression and suicidal tendencies are horrifying.

Unfortunately, whether we’re talking about politics or the educational system, this is a repeating theme. Any discussions of transgender issues, down to the language people use to talk about it, is shielded from any scientific analysis or questions. Bringing up basic medical science is considered bigoted and people raising such questions are labeled “transphobic.” But if’s the not the people asking the questions who are the ones paying the price. It’s the patients who are egged on by the media and social justice warriors.

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