Boycotting Sam Adams beer over Trump support?

Believe me, the boycotocracy is on the way. At a recent meeting of business leaders in New Jersey, Boston Beer Company Chairman Jim Koch had the temerity to praise the tax cuts signed into law by President Trump, saying that this new footing allowed them to compete on a level playing ground with overseas breweries. His company produces Sam Adams beer (among other offerings). This was clearly a bridge too far for Joe Curtatone, Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts. He rushed to his Twitter account to declare that he was done drinking the local brew for good.

Simply stopping his consumption as a personal statement wasn’t good enough, of course. Now he wants to see others join him in a boycott of the traitorous brand of suds. (Washington Times)

Could Sam Adams beer be going the way of Chick-fil-A?

A Boston-area mayor hopes so, both vowing a political boycott and threatening the Massachusetts staple, a popular brand nationally too. At a gathering of business executives last week in New Jersey, according to the Boston Globe, Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch praised President Trump’s tax-cut plan as allowing his firm to compete with foreign breweries fairly.

“Now we have a level playing field, and we’re going to kick their ass,” Mr. Koch told the president.

This turned Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone into a Sam’s teetotaler and also led him to threaten the brewery.

Perhaps the mayor had been drinking more than his fair share prior to launching into this attack because his follow-up was a real doozy.

Whoa! Hold the phone, there, your honor. Trump’s “white nationalist agenda?” Do you mean his “white nationalist agenda” to… cut taxes? For everyone?

Jim Koch wasn’t out there parading around in a MAGA hat and calling for more deportation of illegal aliens or screaming to lock Hillary up. He was expressing optimism that the new tax structure would allow him to capture some market share from foreign brewers. And for that crime you want people to boycott Sam Adams beer and shut down one of the larger employers in your state?

Why has this become the default position for so many political activists, particularly on the left? Even if your Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached terminal levels, Congress passed that tax package and they did so with bipartisan support. (Not nearly enough from Democrats, but still…) The tax package had some flaws, such as a failure to cut spending to match the tax reductions, but it’s still produced some very positive effects for the country. Is your hatred of Donald Trump really so great that you would punish the people of your own state just to make a point?

Hey… it’s a free market economy. Boycott all you like. But don’t come back crying to us if the results wind up biting you in the butt. In closing, however, I’ll echo the question put forth by one of Curtatone’s constituents in the linked article. President Trump is a huge supporter of Tom Brady. So would you like to boycott the Patriots as well? If so, you and I just might find some common ground here.