Oakland Mayor who gang-signals illegals can't stop talking about Trump

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf had previously stated that reports of her alerting illegal immigrants to an impending ICE raid and ensuing criticism from the White House and the Justice Department were non-stories. It was, according to Schaaf, all a big misunderstanding and she never intended to thwart the ICE raid, so there was no need to discuss it further. That’s not a position she seems to be sticking with since she keeps talking about it. She was back on the stump this week, calling out the President specifically and claiming that the charges against her and the sanctuary state of California were simply unfounded. (Politico, emphasis added)

“It is continued distraction. It is a continued perpetration of a racist lie, that immigrants are not valued members of our society,’’ Schaaf told reporters following her launch of a new ballot measure to support early childhood education. “We in Oakland know better. We in Oakland have a community that welcomes and honors all people, no matter where they came from — no matter how they got here.’’

The Democratic mayor said that continued White House attacks on Oakland conveniently “distract from the fact that even sanctuary states like California do have policies in place to allow ICE to detain the most dangerous criminals.”

That’s certainly an interesting set of claims to break down, isn’t it? First comes the usual strawman argument claiming that anyone who supports immigration enforcement “doesn’t value immigrants.” Schaaf suffers from the same verbal tick as so many liberals who have some sort of congenital inability to say the word “illegal” in front of “immigrant.” Immigrants who come to our country legally are welcomed and offered the same opportunities as anyone else, provided they follow the law.

The mayor’s claim that Oakland welcomes people, “no matter where they came from” is meaningless. But adding on the phrase, “no matter how they got here” is the kicker. How they got here absolutely matters and it’s generally the only factor which initially draws the attention of immigration enforcement. Whether she likes it or not, people who come to the country illegally are subject to apprehension and deportation at any time with no further excuse being required. If they turn out to be violent felons as well, that simply moves them further up the priority list.

And that brings us to her stunning claim that California allows ICE to detain the most dangerous criminals. That’s very kind of you, Mayor Schaaf, but you shouldn’t just be “allowing” ICE to capture the most dangerous felons. You should be helping them. And under federal law, it’s not just the “most dangerous” illegal aliens who are of interest. It’s all of them. They are all criminals in the eyes of the law. You supposedly took an oath to protect your citizens in Oakland. You’re clearly not living up to your word.