Prediction: Alec Baldwin will vote Trump in 2020

No, it’s not my prediction. I don’t know the guy or have any idea what goes on inside his head. But his own brother might know and he’s the one predicting it.

Of course, Stephen Baldwin was likely being a bit tongue-in-cheek during this interview with the Hollywood Reporter. He discusses a wide range of perils facing conservatives in Hollywood, how his relationship with his brother Alec is going and his support for both President Trump and the pending tax bill. It’s the intersection of the last two which prompts him to claim that Alec will be more of a Trump fan this time next year.

Is it fair to extrapolate that experience to much of Hollywood, where people have lost relationships over their support of Trump?

Yes. I have really smart friends who are succeeding quite well as producers, writers and financiers, and they hold conservative views but they cannot speak their minds — at all. There’s a large constituency in Hollywood who voted for Trump but will never admit to that. And, Paul, I’m calling it now: with the amount of money Alec is going to make with this new tax cut, I bet he votes for Trump for reelection. Just saying!

Are you insinuating that it’s a tax cut for the rich?

What I’m saying is that The Boss Baby sequel money is going to go a long way because of Trump.

Of course, Alec Baldwin has an easy answer available for that one. He can pocket all the extra money he’ll have from the tax cuts and still turn around and say, but I’m speaking out for the little guy who will be punished by this scam! (Conveniently ignoring the fact that 80% of workers will have more money in their pockets and those who don’t are largely the highest earners in states like New York.) So will he see the light? Let’s just say I’m not as confident as Stephen appears to be.

But it’s that “relationship” question which seems a bit more depressing than any economic news looming in the coming year. It turns out that the Baldwin who impersonates Trump on SNL has basically cut all ties with his younger brother over his political leanings.

What do you think of [Alec’s] impression of Trump?

I can’t get into it. I haven’t spoken to him since the election. That’s the truth. That is by his choice. We grew up in a dumb-jock, competitive, Friday-Night-Lights kind of environment. And I’m sorry, Paul, but my guy won. Sorry. That’s what happened.

That’s just sad, isn’t it? Alec Baldwin has refused to speak to his own brother for more than a year now, all because of who he chose to vote for. I have a sibling who voted for Obama (twice) but I never once considered not picking up the phone for them. The fact is we rarely discuss politics. There are just too many other things to occupy our time and neither of us are spring chickens. We won’t have each other forever and it’s hard to picture a more stupid reason to lose your relationship with your own flesh and blood than politics.

Alec Baldwin is welcome to criticize the President as much as he likes. It’s still a free country, at least for now. And he’s welcome to get rich while he does it. (Capitalism FTW, baby!) But it speaks very poorly of him if he’s willing to shut his own brother out of his life over political ideology.

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