I think we can all get behind a Randy Quaid vs Bernie Sanders Senate race, no?

Yes, I know what you’re already thinking, but hear me out here. I read it at Deadline, so it’s got to be true, right?

The star who made his mark in films such as Brokeback Mountain, Kingpin, The Last Detail, Vacation and, of course, Independence Day, let people know that powerful individuals are looking at him for a Senate run. As with all things in the post-2016 era, the announcement came on Twitter. And the prospect is so exciting that there’s already a rumored reality television series in the works which would cover the race step by step.

Randy Quaid, the next senator from the Great State of Vermont? We’ll pause a moment while that concept sinks in.

The veteran actor tweeted a threat/warning Thursday claiming that reps from a superPAC have approached him about running against Bernie Sanders for his U.S. Senate seat next year. And a reality show pitch about that potentially wacky race is making its way around town. Public Spectacle Media is planning an unscripted series that would follow Quaid’s long-shot bid to become the junior senator from the Green Mountain State.

Amid the Donald Trump era of reality TV’s convergence with politics, the proposed docu-sitcom is in development at Public Spectacle Media. The show would follow Quaid — and likely his wife, Evi, who grew up in Vermont — as he “takes on” one of the most high-profile politicians in the country. Bradford Broyles and Lenny Britton of Public Spectacle and Amanda Raymond are the producers.

Quaid even tweeted about the Deadline article and reality show himself. The problem is, I can’t tell if he’s endorsing it or denying it since he used the #FAKENEWS hashtag.

But wait. This guy comes from Hollywood stock. Would he be running as a Democrat or a Republican? Fear not. He seems to be breaking out his MAGA hat on a regular basis.

The second part of the question about how real this story is seems to be unavoidable and it involves the Hollywood star himself. Keep in mind that since his last credited screen role in 2009, Quaid has been living a rather, er… unusual lifestyle. He’s been arrested multiple times, been on the run from the law, tried to emigrate to Canada and repeatedly told people that he and his wife were on the lam from a shadowy group of “star whackers” who were out to murder them. Here’s a speech he gave in Canada on the subject in 2010.

The point here is that… sure, it’s possible that some Super PAC guy approached him about a Senate run. But it’s also equally possible that he was talking to the mailman. Or a dog. We just don’t know. But can you imagine the look on Bernie Sanders’ face when he’s informed that he has to go on stage and take the lectern next to Randy Quaid and debate him? I’d like to state in advance that I want to invest and get a cut of the pay-per-view rights on that one.

The Sanders – Quaid general election contest in Vermont may not be the race we need. But it’s most certainly the race we deserve. And now, ladies and gentlemen, your next Senator from Vermont eating a carrot while wearing some sort of Batman/rabbit mask.