Kim Jong-un's assessment of Trump's Asian trip was... less than glowing

So what did you think of President Trump’s lengthy Asian trip this month? Some critics found it to be tremendously successful. (To be fair, Trump was the critic in that instance.) Others offered up critiques of a less favorable sort, particularly for not calling out certain foreign leaders on their shoddy human rights records. But all of those paled in comparison to the evaluation offered by North Korea. They seem to feel that Trump has earned the death penalty. (USA Today)

North Korea gave its version of a diplomatic verdict Wednesday on President Trump’s recent trip to Asia: He deserves to die.

Pyongyang’s state media slammed Trump for insulting North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un while on a tour of Asia and said the American president deserves the death penalty.

“The worst crime for which (Trump) can never be pardoned is that he dared (to) malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership. He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people,” it said.

Going into further detail, the regime seems to feel that President Trump has earned the death penalty for daring to, “malignantly hurt the dignity of” the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un. I suppose we have to at least give them credit for consistency because I’m pretty sure they still execute their own people for insulting the Dear Leader.

The North Korean media report (which is always fair, unbiased and not at all under the thumb of the state) goes on to brand President Trump “a coward” for canceling his trip to the DMZ. That trip was a secret right up until the last moment when they had to cancel it because of dense fog which made the helicopter journey unsafe. This reinforces the notion that even though Kim’s people are kept in the dark with no access to information from the outside world, their Dear Leader is a big consumer of western media and is keenly interested in what everyone has to say about him. It also makes me wonder if that weather cancelation didn’t turn out to be a very fortunate thing because I’m not 100% convinced that Kim wouldn’t have tried taking a pot shot at the choppers.

You know, the President tries so hard to be friends with Kim Jong-un. (At least according to one tweet.) It’s just a shame that the short and fat Rocket Man can’t be more appreciative and extend an olive branch in return. But even if he really did feel that the entire trip was a waste of time, don’t you think the death penalty is a bit harsh?

All jokes aside, this is only the latest in a nearly endless history of examples as to the unstable nature of this regime. There isn’t going to be a deal, and if there was, North Korea would never honor it. We’re dealing with a maniac in Pyongyang and he’s growing more dangerous every year.