Chicago has a ringtone to remind illegal immigrants to fight ICE

This week’s news brings us yet another story of where the municipal government of Chicago is setting their priorities, perhaps giving us a bit of insight into why things are going as swimmingly as they are in the Windy City. Several aldermen and community leaders gathered together this weekend to promote a new option for people to install on their phones as a reminder of how they might more efficiently work to thwart the efforts of immigration enforcement officials. They were promoting a ringtone which folks can select featuring lyrics from the song, “Nada Nada.” It is, as they described it, a timely hint that you don’t have to say anything to law enforcement when they question you. (CBS local)

The “Nada Nada” campaign comes in the form of a ringtone; one that Ald. Danny Solis (25th) said serves as a reminder.

“Immigrants, whether they’re documented or undocumented, have rights,” he said.

The alderman said that’s something that has been lost in political turbulence these days.

“I don’t really like to say his name, but I will. [President Donald] Trump is very bad for our country. Trump is bad for our cities, and this is a good strategy to protect us from him,” he said.

Two things to note here right off the bat. First of all, we have elected officials in Chicago lecturing the public that the President of the United States is “bad for our country.” He later goes on to say that “in Trump’s America, immigrants live in fear.” So this representative of the people is not only working to engender distrust of the country’s elected leader, but is once again promoting the disingenuous conflation of “immigrants” with “illegal immigrants.” Here’s a quick tip for the Alderman. Whether you are in Trump’s America or any other America you can name (meaning the United States), legal immigrants who obey the law, follow the rules and work towards citizenship have no reason to be concerned. Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, are not supposed to be here and any self-respecting elected official in the nation is theoretically supposed to be supporting the rule of law.

At the same time one has to wonder if this is really the biggest agenda item that Chicago’s aldermen have on their plates to worry about. Do they realize that even though the murder rate is lower than it was last year by a couple of bodies they are still on track to be one of the most dangerous places to live in the country? Or for that matter… the world? Chicago still has a murder rate worse than Camden. And trust me, when I lived in South Jersey back in the mid eighties the cops were afraid to go into Camden unless they were in force and armed for bear. You’re less likely to be gunned down in streets of Kabul on any given day than the south side of Chicago.

With all of that in mind (and a mayor who still seems to be more concerned with “fixing the cops” than protecting his citizens) do you really think that ringtones to help protect illegal aliens from ICE are what you need to be focusing on? And if so, perhaps the voters in Chicago should be more worried about electing people who will actually protect the legal residents of their city from being slaughtered.