Criminal charges for Tim Kaine's son over violent assault on Trump rally

What’s more surprising about this story… that the alleged crime was charged in the first place or that you’re hearing about it at all?

On March 4th in St. Paul, Minnesota, a pro-Trump rally took place on the steps of the State Capitol rotunda. No sooner had the event gotten underway than liberal “counter-protesters” wearing masks showed up and began attacking the rally participants with mace, tasers, fireworks and fists. We’ve seen these tactics of violence and intimidation by the Left at Berkeley, in New York City and too many other places to list here, so the incident itself sadly isn’t all that shocking anymore. But this one came with a twist. One of the attackers was none other than the son of former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

Initially, local authorities weren’t even going to bring any charges against the rioters, but after considerable public scrutiny they’ve changed their minds. (local Fox News coverage)

Prosecutors are filing criminal charges against 8 counter-protesters who disrupted the “March 4 Trump” rally at the Minnesota State Capitol on March 4. Among those charged is Linwood Kaine, the son of former Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine…

The permitted rally inside the Capitol Rotunda was interrupted by protesters that Saturday, some of whom turned violent. A group of Trump supporters described the scene to Fox 9.

“They brought in pepper spray and tasers, and went after anyone with a Trump sign,” said Sandra Trater, a supporter of President Trump.

Unfortunately, most of the charges likely won’t result in too much punishment, being primarily gross misdemeanor counts rather than felony assault. Kaine’s son Linwood has only been charged with the more benign sounding counts of fleeing on foot, concealing identity in a public place and obstructing the legal process. But he was definitely part of the group that was attacking and not one of the “peaceful counter-protesters” as they are being described in many media outlets.

For his part, Tim Kaine seems to have a little trouble understanding basic English these days. (Emphasis added)

Following his son’s arrest, Sen. Kaine released a statement: “We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues. They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.”

So you think that “peacefully” includes concepts such as mace, tasers, bottle rockets and beating people down.

When I heard this story initially, I predicted on Twitter that you weren’t going to see it surface in the MSM. Let’s face it… it goes against every narrative they are trying to project. The liberals were the ones engaging in violence, not the generic “Trump supporters” they love to blame. And having the child of someone as far up the DNC pecking order as Tim Kaine is just an embarrassment. But to their credit, I actually saw the story mentioned a couple of times on CNN this morning, so credit where credit is due.

But aside from that, the coverage has been muted at best outside of conservative social media circles. And you can have no doubt that if Linwood’s last name had been Trump or Bush or that of any other prominent Republican (instead of a high profile Democrat) it would be front page fodder for weeks to come. But getting one more example of how the Left is perpetrating violence as part of the #RESIST movement out into the public eye is better than nothing, I suppose.