Sunday morning talking heads

Today is Mike Pence day on the Sunday circuit, with visits to several of the regular shows. On This Week with George Stephanopoulos, the Vice President is the headliner. ABC has been teasing this interview heavily because Pence is on there defending Trump’s criticism of the judge who temporarily blocked the travel ban. That becomes even more complicated now that Connecticut judge has refused to issue a stay on the stay. Also on the show you’ll see Amy Klobuchar and Ben Sasse debating the President’s cabinet selections and, of course, Neil Gorsuch.

Chuck Todd has Speaker Paul Ryan on Meet the Press to discuss the new sanctions on Iran. (Ryan says they, “make a lot of sense.”) On Face the Nation, John Dickerson also has a second interview with the Vice President, plus Chris Christie stops by to evaluate the first two weeks of the Trump administration. Chris Wallace has Pence’s third interview on Fox News Sunday and they’ll be rehashing the travel ban as well. Chris also has Dianne Feinstein on to talk about Gorsuch and the chances for a filibuster on his confirmation. On State of the Union, Jake Tapper has Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Bernie Sanders. You can expect the travel ban to come up there as well.