How Harley Davidson caved to the SJW on a Trump visit

There’s been a change to the President’s schedule this week which may appear minor at first, but actually could foreshadow a troubling trend. Donald Trump was (allegedly) scheduled to visit the Harley Davidson factory in Wisconsin tomorrow. He was going to be showcasing American manufacturing and possibly even sign another executive order related to promoting American job growth. That visit is now off, and if the reports are true it was the choice of Harley, not the White House. The reason? They were afraid of bad publicity from special snowflakes showing up to protest and all the media attention they would draw. (The Week)

A visit to the Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee by President Trump has been canceled over the company’s worry that there might be protests related to his immigration and refugee ban, an administration official told CNN Tuesday.

Trump also planned to sign executive orders related to American manufacturing while he was there, the official said. The Thursday visit was not announced publicly, but there were White House staffers in Milwaukee getting things prepared for the event.

Can you imagine that? The progressives wolves are very well organized and they are stalking the new president’s every move. What was there to protest about this trip? Is anyone really objecting to creating more manufacturing jobs in Milwaukee? That’s doubtful, even among Democrats. No, the protesters simply wanted to shut the event down because Trump was there and if Harley Davidson appeared as if they supported him they would be made to pay.

Jason Easley at Politics USA gives voice to the obvious liberal game plan which they want to see roll out.

The protests are having an impact. May companies who were worried about being the focus of a negative Trump tweet are now concerned about being protested against if they have anything to do with the unpopular president.

From the thousands of people who have deleted their Uber apps to the protests that were being organized against the Trump Harley Davidson visit, companies are becoming aware of the damage to their brand that will come with associating with President Trump.

Trump was toxic before the Muslim ban, but now he is radioactive.

The President has taken unilateral actions that have isolated him from the mainstream of the country. America is pushing back, and those companies that choose to associate their brands with this president are at risk of suffering a deadly blow to their bottom lines.

What we’re seeing is the beginning of a national level campaign similar to what the SJW has been so successful in doing at the state and local levels. If you can make enough noise and keep CNN’s cameras on the scene 24/7 you can get major businesses to do your bidding in the political arena. We saw it in North Carolina over and over again during the debates concerning the HB2 “bathroom bill.” With the national media focusing a microscope on the protests, one boycott after another took place, ranging from entertainment figures to sporting events to conventions held by manufacturing interests.

This is the new special snowflake playbook. If you can’t win at the ballot box or the halls of the legislature, stomp your feet and create a spectacle. Knowing that the majority of the media will rush in to provide favorable coverage you can scare off business and punish pretty much everyone in the area – even those who might be inclined to agree with you.

Clearly Harley Davidson got the message and decided to pass on what could have been a great event for them. They’ll still benefit from any pro-business policies coming out of the White House which promote domestic manufacturing, but they’ve lost the chance for an historic event at their facility. This is the landscape which conservatives are facing for the next four or eight years, so you’d best get used to it now.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023