Dispirited liberals launch "Donkeys Date" protest dating app

It’s tough out there being a Democrat these days. When you woke up on the morning of November 9th it must have seemed like the world was falling into chaos and swarms of locusts would be coming over the horizon at any moment to destroy your home. So why face the apocalypse alone? If you’re single, massively depressed and ready to protest, perhaps you’d like to set up a date with a like minded liberal. Never fear! Now you can simply Swipe Left (in the political sense) and hook up with one of your fellow safe space denizens using Donkeys Date.

Here’s a small portion of the announcement letter they sent around. (Emphasis from original)

Like 60+ million Americans, we simply cannot believe what happened on November 8, 2016.

Donkeys Date is in no way intended to diminish or displace the other peaceful and legitimate forms of protest that are springing up all over the nation. Families are worried that “mass deportation forces” will break them up. Boys and men of color fear for their lives. Women face the loss of hard-earned reproductive justice rights. Scientists will inevitably have their work set back as we have emboldened top climate change deniers. Jewish Americans look on in horror as Steve Bannon takes on the role of White House Chief Strategist.

These are scary times. We just want to help you find a cuddle buddy!

Yes indeed… a cuddle buddy. That sounds comforting. Why hide from the cruel reality of a nation which rejected your choices on your own? The only problem I see thus far is that there doesn’t actually appear to be an app. Their link goes to a Facebook page and there’s what appears to be a link to their “App Page” but it doesn’t go anywhere. They have, however, set up a Kickstarter page where they are hoping to raise $2,000… presumably to develop the app they already announced? Perhaps I just missed it. In any event, they were up to two hundred bucks when I checked.

The small amount of interest it’s attracted thus far at least includes some humorous takes, such as this one.

Finally, a dating app where trying to get some ass doesn’t mean what it should

They also have some promotional art you can use if you’d like to help them spread the word.


Well, best of luck I suppose. No sense in crying alone when you can have somebody else’s shoulder to cry on. Or, alternatively, you could take a clue from the results of the election and expand your horizons a bit. You know… actually go out and meet some of those folks in the other half of the population who see the world differently than you. Who knows what might happen when you step out of the echo chamber? Heck, I married a liberal Democrat myself and it worked out great.