Dear Hillary Clinton: When you've lost Susan Sarandon...

There was another stinging blow to Hillary Clinton’s campaign this week and for once it didn’t come from the FBI or Wikileaks, but rather from Hollywood. Susan Sarandon has evaluated her options and determined that she just can’t vote for Hillary Clinton in good conscience. Does that mean that the multiple award winning actress is on the Trump Train? Not even close, although she did once say that Trump might be better than Clinton. But she’s going with Jill Stein and encouraging others to do so as well.

After Sanders lost the nomination, the actress who The Post’s Chris Cillizza called “uber-liberal” faced what likely seemed like an obvious choice: keeping with her belief system (and in hopes of avoiding a “revolution”), Hillary Clinton was the only option, right?

Wrong, because it seems that Sarandon, as Cillizza put it, still “really, really doesn’t like Hillary Clinton.”

She proved just how much she doesn’t like the Democratic candidate on Tuesday, when she sent the Green Party a letter officially endorsing its candidate for president, Jill Stein. This, even though Sanders himself has urged his supporters to vote for Clinton over a third party.

That’s rather harsh, but it’s hard to argue with her reasoning. But we should also remember that the Post’s reporting is correct in terms of how long this feud with Clinton has been going on.

Let’s give the woman credit for being good to her word. We’ll jump into the Way Back Machine here and return to a video from March of this year. It’s an interview that Sarandon did with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in which she calls Hillary Clinton a liar and says that if Bernie Sanders isn’t the nominee she won’t vote for Clinton.

Here’s part of the text of the letter that the Thelma and Louise star sent to the Green Party.

Dear Jill and team,

I’ve been waiting for any indication that Hillary Clinton’s position on the issues that are most urgent to me, has changed. But . ..

She does not support the $15 minimum wage.
She shows no support for legalizing marijuana.
She supports TPP.
She has sold fracking and Monsanto.
She supports offshore drilling.
She has no position on the Dakota Access Pipeline.
She opposes the labeling of GMOs.
She opposes the breakup of big banks.
She takes lobbyists’ money for campaigning.
She opposes a binding climate treaty.
She supports unconditional military aid to Israel.

I’m therefore very happy to endorse Jill Stein for the presidency because she does stand for everything I believe in.

It’s clear a third party is necessary and viable at this time. And this is the first step in accomplishing this end.

Fear of Donald Trump is not enough for me to support Clinton, with her record of corruption.

The responses on Twitter and in the comments on articles about this have been priceless. Liberals are shocked, outraged and in tears over this “senseless” move by Susan Sarandon. But that leaves me with the same question which conservatives have been asking for ages when it comes to Hollywood endorsements. (Or non-endorsements in this case.) Who cares? She’s an actress. If you’re taking all your hints on how to vote on anything other than the Oscars from her, you have much bigger problems to worry about.


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