ACLU calls high school football program honoring first responders "frightening"

How about some good news out of New Jersey for a change? This weekend there was a high school football game scheduled between Middletown South and Toms River North, just as in so many other towns around the country. (I used to live outside of Toms River back in the 80s. Very nice area.) But before the kickoff, the teams had a special event planned which was coordinated with local law enforcement. They were going to provide a salute to the nation’s police officers, EMTs, firemen and military in thanks for all they do for the country. Many of the police and other first responders showed up to take part. (CBS Local)


On Friday night, two New Jersey high school football teams participated in a tribute to law enforcement before their game…

There were fast-moving plays, and hard-hitting tackles, and yet — one of the most powerful moments on the football field was before the first whistle. Players from rival teams Middletown South and Toms River North held the American flag in a tribute to our nation and law enforcement.

“We are all joined as a community and honoring those who fight for us,” Jack Flynn said.

That’s nice, isn’t it? When the kids from rival schools can shake hands and take a moment out to give thanks and recognize something larger than themselves. It’s a really sweet moment.

Of course, nothing as gentle and kind as that could possibly take place without somebody from the liberal wing of the nation coming along to basically spit on the entire affair. Let’s hear from the American Civil Liberties Union. (Fox News)

According to, the New Jersey chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union called the ceremony that was held in Middletown before a highly-anticipated game between Middletown High School South and Toms River High School North a “frightening message.”..

The group sent a memo to Middletown High School South officials condemning the event. The letter was also signed by the Central Jersey Chapter of National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and the Greater Long Brach NAACP.

“As initially described, the event appeared to honor police officers, veterans, service members, and first responders,” the ACLU wrote in the letter. “According to press reports, however, the event is being used to intimidate and ostracize people who express their views about systemic racism and social just.”


The ACLU has basically gotten to the point where they ought to be investigating themselves for hate crimes. Yes, it’s true that one of the local cops who helped the students set up the event made public comments about this being in response to people kneeling during the national anthem, but what’s that got to do with anything? Even if it was done “in response” to other protests, it wasn’t a call for violence against minorities or anything else being implied here. It was a salute to the military and the people who save lives here on the home front as well.

This is what qualifies as a frightening message in the mind of the ACLU? I’d like to see how frightened some of them become if the people being honored suddenly stopped showing up when they were being robbed, had a heart attack or found that their house was on fire. At this point the only word in the name “American Civil Liberties Union” which is accurate is Union.


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