Video: Obama decries people who "blame me and my tree hugger friends" for loss of coal jobs

Coming soon to probably more theaters than a “documentary” such as this merits is a new movie from Leonardo DiCaprio titled, Before the Flood. As you might be able to guess just from the title, it’s a lengthy sermon on anthropogenic global warming and the need for a carbon tax. Before going any further, here’s the trailer for the film.

Yes, this “documentary” clearly has it all. There’s protesters carrying “Carbon Tax Now” signs along with endless posing by DiCaprio with world leaders including the Pope. And Barack Obama even makes an appearance in the film. Small wonder then that he agreed to attend an early screening of what will surely be an Oscar nominated effort, but as Craig Bannister at MRC reports, the POTUS got a little free with his commentary after the show. Instead of addressing some of the real damage being done by the war on coal, Obama chose to criticize those who blamed him and “his tree hugger friends” for job losses in the coal industry.

Coal miners who’ve lost their jobs, homes and livelihoods due to the war on coal blame him and his “tree-hugging friends,” Pres. Obama declared at a White House screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new global warning documentary, “Before the Flood,” on Monday.

And, despite the economic devastation caused in places like West Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois due to his policies, Obama promised he and his tree-huggers will ensure use of coal energy will “continue to go down”:

“When you think about coal, we significantly reduced the amount of power that we’re generating from coal. And it’s going to continue to go down. Well, number one, coalminers feel like they’ve been battered, and they often blame me and my tree-hugger friends for having created real economic problems in places like West Virginia, or parts of Kentucky, or parts of my home state of southern Illinois.”

As MRC helpfully reminds us, all of the “credit” for job losses in the coal sector can’t go to Barack Obama, though he’s done his level best to make it happen. (Along with Hillary Clinton’s promise to keep putting coal miners out of work.) A good chunk of the losses in coal mining can be attributed to massive gains in natural gas development… a process where the nation has managed to make rapid advances in spite of – not thanks to – the Obama administration’s EPA policies and regulations.

One other great item available at the MRC article is information on a much better film you might consider watching. It’s called “Collateral Damage: Casualties of the War on Coal,” and it’s produced by MRC. Be sure to check it out for some much needed perspective on the subject. Here’s the preview:


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