FBI: Clinton aide asked Pagliano for information on "wiping" servers, and not with a cloth

It was just last week when Ed talked about the revelation that Clinton aide Cheryl Mills had been given immunity by the FBI during their investigation of Hillary’s email server. Turns out that was probably a very lucky situation for Ms. Mills because she clearly has a lot of information which we weren’t previously privy to. The Daily Caller has one of the latest revelations from the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and it involves not only Cheryl Mills, but the most famous government service geek squad member in the country, Bryan Pagliano. It seems that way back in the autumn of 2013, Mills was contacting Pagliano to find out about some cleaning services, and they didn’t involve floor wax.


Hillary Clinton’s State Department chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, asked Clinton’s email server technician, Bryan Pagliano, about “wiping computer data,” new FBI documents reveal.

According to notes released by the FBI on Friday, Pagliano also told investigators during his Dec. 22 interview that Mills, who now serves as Clinton’s attorney, dismissed concerns he raised in 2009 or 2010 about the then-secretary of state’s use of a personal email server.

The bombshell revelations comes just hours after news broke that the Justice Department granted Mills immunity in exchange for her cooperation with the FBI’s email probe.

Pagliano, who also received limited immunity, told the FBI that in Fall 2013, Mills called him “and inquired about the effectiveness of two types of software for wiping computer data.”

Bryan conveniently doesn’t recall if he was asked specifically about BleachBit or not, but that was the subject at hand. (As a side note, I’d hate to have any BleachBit stock right about now. Given how many of Clinton’s emails wound up being recovered by the feds anyway it doesn’t seem to work very well.) So… are we to believe that Clinton’s staff dreamed this up all on their own and Hillary was blissfully unaware that any of it was going on? The story we were given from the moment the existence of the secret private server broke was that:

  • There was no classified data which would need much protection
  • The work related (non-classified) emails had all been turned over anyway
  • The rest were just personal emails about yoga classes and Chelsea’s wedding plans

If that’s the case, why on Earth would you need to pay professional geeks to overwrite all the data on your drive to make it unrecoverable? Why not just hit the delete key? But the content of that conversation with Pagliano makes it clear that Clinton’s team knew full well the difference between just deleting your old emails and wiping a server like a forensic squad cleaning up a murder scene.

Hillary Clinton has been lying about all of this from day one and she’s been caught at it. If everyone is so worried about the debate moderators tonight being “fact checkers” every time Donald Trump “lies” about something, I wonder if they’ll be interested in using the same word to rebut Clinton when she inevitably repeats these same whoppers for the umpteenth time?


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