Forget the politics. Hillary Clinton is entirely compromised by foreign governments

Sadly, the future is no longer so bright that you’ll have to wear shades. (Unless SMOD makes its long overdue arrival, of course.) As you ponder your choices for the presidency, I would suggest taking a look at this column at the Washington Examiner from our friend Hugh Hewitt. You may recall that Hugh has had his own share of complaints about Donald Trump, while not being part of the remnants of the #NeverTrump movement. But this week he offers a few important reminders as to why he’s still going to vote for The Donald.

The first portion of it will be old hat to most of you on both sides of the Great Donald Debate and it’s the inescapable subject of the Supreme Court. I won’t dwell on that one here today because we’ve been through it before. If your conservative principles are such that you can argue in favor of allowing Hillary Clinton to pick a generations long majority for the nation’s highest court there’s no sense in talking to you anyway. But Hugh then delves into a second subject which gets far less play. All of the news about recent hacks of Democratic data with the promise of more to come should lead us to one conclusion which is yet to be proven, but seems unavoidable. Various foreign agencies are already in possession of a treasure trove of Hillary Clinton’s most closely guarded secrets, leaving her completely compromised on the national stage.

Hillary Clinton is thoroughly compromised by the Russians (or the Chinese, or the Iranians, or all of them). Deny the testimony of expert witnesses like former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell or Rudy Guiliani if you want, or the implications of the distribution of DNC emails via the WikiLeaks front, but just know everything she sent and received on her security-free “private” server is in the hands of the bad guys.

The influence they will have over her and all of her cyberassociates as a result will be complete even if unknown to the folks being worked and watched.

That’s espionage. The Russians are very good at it. They are a GEICO ad of spying: That’s what they do. They use what they steal to advance their national interest, sometimes crudely, sometimes with breathtaking sophistication. The consequences of her complete compromise haven’t sunk in yet, but it is real, not reversible, and dangerous beyond description to the national security of the U.S.

As Hugh notes, there’s more than a little hand wringing among Trump’s detractors over his presumed relationship with Vladimir Putin, but that pales in comparison to the fact that Hillary Clinton may already be Putin’s pawn. It’s not just the revelations about the DNC’s machinations against Bernie Sanders we’re talking about here. That material was embarrassing, but it’s still simply the ugly sausage making which goes on behind the scenes in American politics. Far more concerning are the assurances of Julian Assange that the next tranche will be a treasure trove of documents on the Clinton Foundation. He’s made good on his threats so far, so why would we doubt this particular promise? Given the billions of dollars which have been changing hands between that foundation and questionable figures from Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and God only knows where else, who knows what’s hiding under the covers? And if this is just the material which some hacker picked through and turned over to Wikileaks, you can rest assured that the actual cyberspooks from Russia, China and elsewhere already have their hands on the full package.

Placing the future of the country in the hands of someone who is almost certainly compromised to this degree is the definition of insanity. You may have your doubts about Donald Trump and more than a few questions about what he would do in office or how he might impact the future of conservatism or what have you. But you don’t need to have any doubts about Clinton. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. The choice is yours.