Reports of the death of Fox News were apparently premature (again)

Fox News has been in the news quite a bit over the last few weeks and not in a way that their executives might wish. The controversies surrounding Roger Ailes could leave one with the impression that the network is in major trouble after dominating the cable news game for years on end. But with the end of the Republican National Convention and the final compilation of the ratings, it seems that the public hasn’t been particularly put off their feed. Not only did Fox come in at the front of the pack yet again, they achieved their highest ratings in more than a decade. (Mediaite)

Though racked by internal scandal and jolted the dismissal of its founder and guiding star Roger Ailes, Fox News came in #1 in total viewers beating all cable networks in both primetime and total day during the week of the Republican National Convention.

During last week — from Monday, Jul. 18 to Sun, Jul. 24 — the cable news network was also #1 among all cable networks in primetime (8pm-11pm) for the coveted demographic of viewers aged 25-54. For primetime Fox averaged 4,212,000 viewers in total and 932,000 in 25-54…

Furthermore, FNC crushed the broadcast networks in total viewers at 10PM/ET with convention coverage, and was just behind NBC at number two in the 25-54 demo. FNC also claimed nine out of the top 10 telecasts in cable for the week, leading with America’s Election HQ on Thursday, July 21st, anchored by Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, which averaged 9.7 million viewers and 2.6 million in adults 25-54 at 10PM.

Like most other aspects of modern media, we’re probably seeing the effect of the old rule which reminds us that content is king. It’s unlikely that regular consumers of cable news are unaware of the drama playing out in the background at Fox, but do they really care? It doesn’t change the programming or the content and if this is the cable news station people trust they clearly are willing to continue tuning in.

That’s not all that different from non-news television and movie industry events. The things that happen in board rooms or in the personal lives of TV and movie personalities doesn’t immediately wipe out their success in the field. One of the biggest examples is Robert Downey Jr. There’s somebody who went through more high profile drama and angst in the 90s than you could list in a short biographical study. He paid a brief price for it at his lowest point, but the guy worked at his craft and kept pushing on, going on to be one of the more successful actors of the current era. I’m sure there were those who wouldn’t have spoken flatteringly of his personal life back in the day, but if the shows were good, we still sat down and watched.

Far from being dead, Fox News seems to be alive and well. And unless somebody new takes the helm and completely changes their programming regimen, it’s difficult to imagine that changing.

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