All charges dropped against remaining officers in Freddie Gray case

More than a week ago we were talking about the fate of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and the remaining trials for the police officers involved in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. Having failed to obtain a conviction in any of the trials thus far, Mosby has been under increasing pressure to abandon the effort if not resign her position entirely. Up until now she seemed content to stick to her guns… a position which has been repeatedly encouraged by liberal observers and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement around the nation. But reality seems to have sunk in at last and Mosby’s office announced this morning that the remaining trials will be cancelled and all remaining charges dropped.

Charges against the remaining three Baltimore Police Officers in the Freddie Gray case were dropped Wednesday morning.

The decision was announced at the start of a pretrial motions hearing for Officer Garrett Miller, who was the next scheduled officer to stand trial. Officer William Porter was to be retried in September, and Sgt. Alicia White was scheduled for trial in October.

Officers Edward Nero, Caesar Goodson Jr. and Lt. Brian Rice have previously been acquitted of all charges in the case, and the trial of Porter ended in a hung jury and mistrial last December.

I suppose the first question we might ask is what took so long and why the city has wasted so much money in a lost, politically driven cause. The upshot of the case is that Officer Garrett Miller and Sgt. Alicia White will not face trial and Officer William Porter’s second trial following a hung jury in the first go around will not take place either. There’s something to be said for saving the city the time and money on further wasted efforts, not to mention the risk of additional protests and potential rioting each time another officer is cleared of charges, but the damage to the city’s credibility is long since done.

There’s one other political aspect to this story which reaches well beyond the borders of Charm City. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was part and parcel of the decision to go after the officers in the first place and Mosby had her full backing and endorsement for the effort. She’s not in Baltimore right now because she’s been busy running the proceedings at Hillary Clinton’s convention here in Philadelphia. I’m sure that’s yet another headline that the convention organizers didn’t need on the eve of their candidate’s big acceptance speech, serving as a reminder of the failed policies which the Democrats have foisted off on America’s urban centers for generations.