The great transgender coverup at the DNC

A little more of the sights and sounds of the DNC in Philadelphia for you. The first item on tap is Hot Air’s discovery of a tremendous cover-up going on at the convention which the transgender and female communities should be made aware of. And it’s literally a “cover up.” For those of you who caught The Ed Morrissey Show yesterday, you may have noticed that Larry O’Connor and I were broadcasting from outside of one of the many All Gender restrooms in the facility. This is an important point for the Democrats because transgender issues are taking a prominent place in the party platform and on the stage. They want to show the world how inclusive they are, how inclusive Cleveland is, and how welcoming the facilities they chose will be.

But after the broadcast, I noticed something odd. Here’s what the sign outside of the all gender restroom looks like.


Not wanting to offend anyone by carelessly using the incorrect facility, I struck out in search of an actual men’s room to use and quickly found one. But I was immediately stuck by the fact that the sign on that one seemed… different.


That’s puzzling isn’t it? So I went back to the original restroom to do some investigative journalism. Wouldn’t you know it… only a few moments work loosening up a single screw revealed the shocking truth.


That’s right. It wasn’t permanently set up as a transgender bathroom at all. The DNC simply mounted new signs over the traditional, existing bathroom signs. And here’s the kicker, folks. All the ones I located thus far were put up over the women’s rooms. Every lady I speak to who bothers to comment on the subject always complains that the lines at public bathrooms in big venues are always terribly long for the ladies while the guys skate right through. Why would you divert even more traffic to the ladies room? That just seems rather War On Womenish, doesn’t it? Either way, once the DNC clears out I’m guessing that this arena won’t have alternate bathroom designations anymore.

A couple of other quick peeks behind the scene for you. The facility has a “Gluten Free Zone” in the food area. That’s very big with progressives these days, or so I hear.


That sign was only feet away from a food stand with some awfully “normal” looking food, including hot salted pretzels, hot beef and cheese sandwiches and plenty of other fare. I stopped and asked the woman who was setting up shop if this could really be true. Was all of that delicious food gluten free? She asked me what I was talking about. I pointed to the sign. She shrugged and give me directions to the management offices. Ah well… some things are better left a mystery.

On my way outside I noticed a number of people trampling over a blue flag of some sort on the sidewalk. I waited until they cleared out and went to examine it. The results seem to sum up our time at the convention thus far.