Sights and sounds from #DNC: The RNC at the DNC

We’ll be taking you behind the scenes at the DNC this week, just as Ed did in Cleveland. Before the Democrats’ convention even began here in Philadelphia, the RNC was setting up shop only a few miles away for a counterinsurgency effort which will run throughout the week. Named RNC at the DNC, they kicked things off with a very nice reception last night, inviting journalists from all media outlets new and old. The location was an unusual but highly fitting one, being an arena in the warehouse district near the river which comes complete with an MMA fighting ring. To give you an idea of how far this was off the normal, glitzy campaign trail, when I gave my cab driver the address of the event he asked me, “Did your car get towed?”

The stark setting was nicely set up on the inside with food and beverage service as well as a stage with a multimedia display. Reince Priebus addressed the crowd, with Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort speaking next, followed by questions from the press. The fun part of the event was the carnival display and I wanted to share some of that with you. Following the FBI investigation results, we all learned that Hillary Clinton is essentially untouchable and that was the theme of the evening. No matter what truths may emerge, “Hillary Wins.” That showed up in a wheel of fortune where nearly every result was the same.


There was a pachinko game following the same idea. Drop the coins wherever you like, but they all wind up in Hillary’s coffers.


This one was really… interesting. There was a Hillary themed game which we refer to as a bean bag toss where I come from, but at least in this part of the country it has the unfortunate name of cornhole.


Here’s one last item which attracted a lot of attention. There was a truck parked outside to help people find the venue and it’s constructed of huge digital display panels… essentially three giant television screens on wheels with a top notch sound system. It was playing anti-Hillary clips and advertisements along with news segments covering her various scandals and it ran throughout the evening. It was developed by Jerry Teeter of Legion Digital, who I spoke with outside of the event for a while. If you’re looking for a high tech mobile platform to get your message across, this is really something eye catching.


That’s it for now. I’ll be at the convention later today and checking out some of the protest action outside. Stay tuned. And for one last bit of convention experience, you can bet that you’ll be seeing some of these being carried around the city all week… again carrying the same Hillary theme. They were the swag bags being given away at last night’s event.