Video - (because you just have to...) Three dancing Trumps

Allow me to spare you the competing calls of accolades and outrage, no matter which side of our bitterly divided primary you happen to align with. I can already tell how it goes. The video you’re about to see will no doubt be viewed as adorable by the #MakeAmericaGreatAgain folks and as potential child abuse by the #NeverTrump crew. But… come on, man. It’s three kids on a school stage doing a series of poorly coordinated dance moves while wearing oversized Donald Trump masks. Don’t hate the player, fool. Hate the game.

This video actually came to us via Jim Hoft, and of course there’s a story behind it. Nothing this innocent and yet alarming could make it into the news without some controversy, right? The kids in the video were forbidden to perform their skit in the talent show at Fiske Elementary School in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

When the three boys became the Dancing Trumps at the morning edition of this past Wednesday’s school talent show, “at least one” parent complained, according to the Boston Globe, which led to school officials forbidding the boys from reprising the performance at Wednesday’s evening talent show.

Whether the complainant was offended because of pro or anti-Trump sentiments is unclear, though a similar skit performed by Wellesley grade-schoolers acting as Donald Trump and Marco Rubio was also nixed from the night show, apparently because a parent found it disparaging to the Republican Party.

Someone got their knickers in a knot over this, though the “Dancing Bobbleheads” were given a green light the previous year when they mocked the school principal? Lighten up, Francis. They’re elementary kids and Trump is all over the news. Whether they were making fun of him or supporting him doesn’t really matter. None of these kids get to vote for the better part of a decade. And if any adults in the room are really going to have their votes influenced by this performance then we really need to rethink the whole concept of letting everyone vote.

Just clear your minds and then go back and watch the video again. These kids are hilarious and clearly having the time of their young lives. Let’s just allow them to be kids and enjoy themselves, okay?


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