Why I did the Daily Show, part two

A little over a year ago I went on The Daily Show for a discussion on “pink fracking” and charitable contributions from the oil and gas industry. It was a lot of fun, and despite their usual efforts to portray any conservative guest in an unflattering light, I felt I fought them to a draw. (You can read a summary of how that worked out here.) A few weeks ago the show’s producer reached out to me and asked if I wanted to go another round with them. Much the same as last time, I weighed the choices and determined that I’m just never going to be the type that avoids a good fight, so I agreed. I’m not sure if they’ve ever had a conservative villain on twice in the past, but hey… you only live once.

While my last segment was with Samantha Bee (who has since moved on to host her own late night show) this time I met with Jordan Klepper. The subject at hand was the CDC and whether or not they should be “studying gun violence” as a proper function of the agency. The interview went on for nearly two hours ranging over a huge variety of related topics. In fact, even after the filming was done, Jordan and I spent another half hour walking the streets of Manhattan debating gun control in general. Things on set ranged from the comical and casual to some heated exchanges where there were F bombs being tossed around. At one point the producer stepped in, exclaiming how energized it was admiring the fact that a real debate on gun control was taking place.

And much like the last time I was on the show, they tossed all of it except for about forty five seconds, half of which was B-roll footage. They had me commenting on the fact that the push to have such a study done is purely political with the aim of bolstering arguments for more gun control. You didn’t get to see the extensive debate we had about the directors at the CDC back in the nineties (the first time this came up) who admitted in interviews that the wanted to ban guns. The segment also used a brief bit of our discussion about how the CDC successfully did a study on automobile safety, seat belts and car seats for children. I agreed that they had learned new things about accidents and human restraints and then challenged Klepper to tell me what he expected the CDC to learn about guns that would make them more “safe” for use. He had no answer to that one, but dismisses the question sarcastically in the segment.

They did manage to slide in a couple of insults which they probably thought were clever, but I just found hilarious. I was introduced as a “Pixar animation character” for example. At another break in the clip Klepper calls me the worlds worst fake typist. That was part of the aforementioned B-roll footage where they asked me to sit in front of a monitor and pretend to type on a keyboard. That was apparently supposed to be clever also.

But even for all of that, I still managed to have a good time and consider it another round which we fought to a draw. I didn’t give them much they could actually use for the segment in terms of discrediting Second Amendment advocates and we did have the opportunity to engage in a really fascinating discussion on gun rights, even if nobody else will ever see it. Everyone still warns conservatives to never do the show, but hey… somebody’s got to stand up for the good guys once in a while.

Here’s the clip from last night.