Politinerds: Glenn Reynolds


This week on Politinerds we talked to the original Blogfather himself, Glenn Reynolds. (Better known as Instapundit.) Glenn is a law professor in Tennessee and a graduate of Yale, but most of us know him from his political pontification. We talk to him about the early days of blogging and get into how the new media has evolved over the years. He also takes on our running question as to whether the gate crashers have become the gatekeepers.

After that we get him to open up about the current state of the media, the trajectory of conservatism and how the two are intersecting in the 2016 race. His thoughts on whether or not American politics is more rancorous now than in years past are enlightening. There’s a bit of hodgepodge after that, hitting the debates and shape of the race thus far, as well as where it’s going from here. Glenn has a long history to draw on and he always offers an interesting perspective on the American body politic.

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