Shocking college poll: students reject gender pronouns, BLM

Our own Katie Pavlich over at Town Hall came across a poll of college students taken back in September which is either a hopeful sign for the future or some “too good to be true” sampling errors run wild. A survey conducted by Inc./Woman Trend of one thousand college students age 18-24 sought to capture their feelings about Social Justice Warrior issues currently driving protests on campuses around the nation. The results, as I already implied, are shocking to say the least.

A new scientific poll sanctioned by Young America’s Foundation and conducted by Inc./Woman Trend shows the majority of college students reject the “microaggression,” politically correct culture plaguing campuses around the country. Specifically, the poll shows college students rejecting the use of gender pronouns.

I found the survey worth bringing up because it taps into many of the specific subjects which curmudgeons such as myself frequently find worthy of a robust, Get Off My Lawn response. One of them is the long running nag about using “gender inclusive pronouns” in professional and educational documents, as well as the weird new “alternate” pronouns designed to hide the gender of the subject so as not to offend anyone.

Sixty two percent of students disagreed that professors should have the right to downgrade students for failing to use “gender inclusive” language like “mankind” instead of “humankind” in reference to men and women.

Not even half (49%) of LIBERAL students agree with implementing the use of pronouns like “ze,” “zir,” and “xyr” on their campus.

There were some other goodies in there which seem to skew surprisingly conservative when compared with the impression one gets from watching the ongoing protests. For example, nearly 70% had a negative view of the Black Lives Matter movement, agreeing with a proposed statement describing it as having, “cultivated an anti-police culture.” Free enterprise got a thumbs up from 35% of students while only 15% preferred socialism. (Seriously? HALF of you couldn’t make up your minds? Where are your parents?)

That sounds great on the surface and I’m not here to simply throw cold water over their efforts, but I still have to ask… is anyone buying these results? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but if these preening, special snowflake complaint festivals which dominate the news, get administrators tossed out on their ears and shut down campuses are really all that unpopular, where are the counter-protests? How is it that the silent majority on campus portrayed by these numbers remains to stubbornly silent?

One possibility is that the liberal claptrap is coalescing on a smaller number of campuses. Remember, this was a survey of students at colleges all across the country. I suppose it’s possible that a significant majority of universities have students who are annoyed and/or embarrassed by all of this nonsense, but we just don’t know about it. It’s not as if the media is going to show up at those other universities to cover the story of how there were once again no protests that day. Might that explain it?

As for the broad rejection of Black Lives Matter, I would hope that this sort of common sense is actually prevalent. But in that case you might literally have a lot of students who are simply afraid to speak up. Contradicting the BLM protesters seems to be a good way to make sure you get hounded out of school and never get your degree. But hey.. it’s the Christmas season. I’ll choose to believe these figures are accurate just to cheer myself up, at least for the next couple of weeks.


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David Strom 4:01 PM on October 05, 2022