Politinerds: Ed Morrissey and the politics of the future


For our regular readers, this edition of Politinerds might pose an interesting question. Jazz… you’ve been doing Politinerds for more than a year and interviewed pundits, media figures, senators, congressmen and presidential candidates. How is it that you’ve not yet had Ed Morrissey on the show?

Well, that’s in interesting question. First of all, Ed’s agency fees are pretty high. Also, he’s notoriously shy, but we finally decided to do this. And true to form, Doug and I came up with some questions which weren’t exactly softball, largely based on on feedback I’ve gotten in the past from our readers at Hot Air. For our listeners who aren’t already familiar with Captain Ed’s history we do a bit of bio, but then we dig into some issues about the state of the blogosphere. In particular, since it’s been brought up with the commentariat, we ask Ed whether the gate crashers have morphed into the gatekeepers in 2015. I think you’ll find the answers enlightening. Who is the establishment? Who’s a RINO? We get into it.

Then we talk about Ed’s upcoming book, Going Red. No matter who the nominee for the GOP is next year, these are the mechanics which the party will have to consider in the key counties around the nation. You’ll want to hear this, particularly if you live in a swing state.

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