PA student protesters want building renamed because it honors someone named "Lynch"

At this point I may be forced to surrender. I’ve gone through my thesaurus several times now and I’m quickly running out of ways to describe the infantile self-parody which these Black Lives Matter protests on America’s college campuses have become. The latest story out of Pennsylvania comes to us from Lebanon Valley College, located just west of Philadelphia. The usual protests about racial triggers and microagressions were on display, but the students had one additional demand which essentially broke the irony meter. They want a long standing college building to be renamed because the person it was erected to honor was named “Lynch.” (Yahoo News)

Students at a small Pennsylvania college are demanding that administrators rename a building called “Lynch Memorial Hall” because of the racial overtones of the word “lynch.”

The building is named after Clyde A. Lynch, who was president of Lebanon Valley College from 1932 until his death in 1950.

Students want school officials to either rename the building entirely or add Lynch’s first name and middle initial, saying the word recalls the public executions of black men by white mobs in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Thank God none of the buildings honor anyone named “White” or we could have a full fledged riot on our hands.

The really frightening part of this story is that the school administration released a statement saying they are “considering all of the demands and will address them at a forum next month.” The other demands include “sensitivity training” for the faculty and regular surveys of the racial climate on campus. I’m unsure how the college plans to conduct such surveys other than handing out anonymous forms asking if anyone feels uncomfortable or aggrieved. Given the tone of most of the special snowflakes attending our houses of higher learning these days they’ll probably get a 100% dissatisfaction rating in response.

The sad part is that the students will probably succeed and the college will waste even more of it’s money ripping out Lynch’s name and modifying it somehow. And why wouldn’t the students expect to prevail? They’re managing to bully their way into running the show at other colleges across the nation. Do you recall that professor at Yale who dared to suggest that the school might not want to ban Halloween costumes which might “offend” someone and that vigorous debate should be part of the students’ preparation for real life? Yeah… she quit this week. (University Herald)

A Yale University professor who criticized an email warning students about insensitive Halloween costumes has chosen to stop teaching amid outrage over her response to the email.

Erika Christakis, an early childhood education expert, argued in her email that college should be a place where students should be able to risk being “a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?” Yale announced Christakis’ decision to stop teaching on Monday.

If the colleges are just going to knuckle under to thug tactics and cease focusing on providing the best possible education for the tuition dollars they receive, they deserve what they get. Turn the asylum over to the inmates and the rest of us with actual jobs will sit back and laugh when these oh so easily aggrieved students show up to apply for a position in the private sector.