Les Moonves loves watching Republicans "throw crap at each other"

A side note to the RNC: you might want to double check and make sure that CBS isn’t involved in any of the GOP debates. You probably didn’t need too much of a reminder as to what passes for unbiased coverage at the Tiffany Network after years of Dan Rather and other instances too numerous to mention, but the real big cheese at the network has let the mask slip a bit further this week. Les Moonves, the top dog in that particular pile, showed up at a big dollar Wall Street event and gave us a hint as to his real feelings about the Republican Party. (Hollywood Reporter)

“We love having all 16 Republican candidates throwing crap at each other,” Leslie Moonves said Monday.

“The more they spend, the better it is for us,” the CBS chief executive told analysts at a Wall Street gathering in New York.

“Go Donald!” he said, referring to GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. “This is fun, watching this. Let them spend money on us … we’re looking forward to a very exciting political year in 2016.”

It was an odd forum for such a comment to pop up, particularly since Moonves was ostensibly there to talk about broadcast marketing, advertising revenue and cable service bundling. Still, they tend to have free drinks a those sorts of events so he may have had a bit of truth serum in his system. (Just guessing on that aspect of it.) CBS as an entertainment entity is, in theory, supposed to be separate from CBS News, but it’s hard to imagine that the influence doesn’t run through the entire body once it gets into the bloodstream. The bias on display is not newsworthy at all… just the open ridicule.

As an added reminder of the hubris behind it, Les still has a very high opinion of himself and his network.

“There’s no skinny bundle that’s going to succeed without CBS,” said Moonves. “Nobody can live without CBS … some people, especially Millennials, don’t want to pay for 180 channels. There’s a lot of people who don’t want to pay for sports channels when they don’t watch sports.”

Nobody can live without CBS? I seem to remember NBC saying the same thing in the 90s when they were kicking everyone’s butts. There’s a cautionary tale there for you, Mr. Moonves. The wheel always keeps turning and sooner or later it runs you over.