NFL week 11 open thread

Jazz: I’m on track for a record breaking season, having gone a spectacular 5-1 last week. Oh, wait… no, I actually went 1 and 5. (#sigh) That brings me to 27-39 for the season and even going .500 is looking like a pipe dream. To make matters worse, the only win I got was on the Steelers. But seriously, who saw the Chiefs taking out Peyton Manning or even the Texans deflating the Bengals perfect record? Man, I sure know how to pick ’em. But it’s time to dust myself off and get back on the very lame horse.


Ed: The Steelers are taking a week off, and I’m taking today off … mostly. I’m in sunny Southern California, where the high is more than 50 degrees warmer than it is at home. Last week I went 4-2 to run the season record to 48-18, but this hot weather in SoCal may impact my judgment. Who knows? Let’s find out…

Jazz: The Steelers have the week off (and they probably need it after that string of injuries.) The Jets visit the Texans and Houston is probably riding high after that beating they gave Cincinnati, but one miracle game does not a season changer make. The Jets are beaten up and our QB is playing with a broken hand, while Chris Ivory is starting to show his age. Still, they’ll show up this week and take out the Texans 24-12. The Vikings are somehow a one point favorite over Green Bay which may look a lot more believable after they lost to the Lions (!?) but I can’t see them dropping four in a row, even if they’re a bit beaten up. Give me the Packers in a minor upset 24-21.

Ed: The Texans looked pretty tough on the road last week in Cincinnati, and they match up well against the Jets. New York has a slight statistical edge, but give me home field, momentum, and the Texans in a nailbiter, 28-24. The Vikings are very tough at home, and the Pack has started to look shaky ever since Mike Ditka started wearing their gear in McDonalds commercials. I’ll go again with the Vikes and their run game, 23-17.


Jazz: Since six games worked out so well for me last week, let’s go back to seven this week.

  • Cowboys at Dolphins (1:00 pm, FOX) – The ‘Boys have shafted me for most of the season no matter which way I pick, but Romo is back and Miami has looked bad even for the AFC East. Cowboys win without much trouble on the road 27-17.
  • Rams at Ravens (1:00 pm, FOX) – A lot of people seem to be picking St. Lois, but their passing game has been weak tea at best lately. The Ravens can keep the ball in the air pretty well so I think they’ll carry the day 24-20.
  • Chiefs at Chargers (4:05 pm, CBS) – This game looks like a close call, but Phillip Rivers has just been lackluster this season and the Chargers’ special teams unit has been nearly as much of a joke as the Jets. I’ll go with the Chiefs in a close one 28-24.
  • Bengals at Cardinals (8:30 pm, NBC) – Cincinnati was undefeated for a long time, but having had the crown knocked off their head they’re not going to pick it up again that quickly. The Cardinals have looked good lately and they’ll continue the return to reality this week. Cardinals win decisively, 31-20.
  • Bills at Patriots (8:30 pm Monday, ESPN) – I didn’t even really want to pick the Monday night game. I very much want to see the Pats lose this week, but the Bills only really seem to come to life when they play the Jets. The Vegas line looks about right, so I’ll sadly take New England 28-17.


  • Cowboys at Dolphins (1:00 pm, FOX) – Romo’s back, and so is Dez Bryant, and Miami does not have a very good defense (24th) or offense (22nd). In this case, I’ll pick the road team. Cowboys 27-24, possibly in OT.
  • Rams at Ravens (1:00 pm, FOX) – There’s only one word for the Ravens this season: lousy. They don’t get blown out, but they tend to blow themselves up, and Steve Smith’s not around to help them out of jams any more. The Rams have Wes Welker now, and despite getting blown out last week, still look more competitive than the Ravens. Look for the Rams in a 24-20 close game, with a late turnover making the difference.
  • Chiefs at Chargers (4:05 pm, CBS) – The Chargers have the fifth-ranked offense, but in points scored, KC actually beats them by almost two points a game. In contrast, San Diego’s defense gives up six points more a game than the Chiefs. KC wins on the road, 28-20.
  • Bengals at Cardinals (8:30 pm, NBC) – This game will come down to Arizona’s offense. The Bengals looked pretty wan at home against the Texans, and might be on the cusp of a Green Bay-esque fade. Arizona 33, Bengals 24.
  • Bills at Patriots (8:30 pm Monday, ESPN) – I don’t care who wins this game as long as I don’t have to see those all-red uniforms again this year. With that said, the Pats score eight points more a game than the Bills, and give up more than four points more a game to boot. I’ll take the red pill and pick Brady and the Pats, 33-21.

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