NFL week 10 open thread

Jazz: I’m going to break a years long pattern this week and pick against the Jets (since they managed to lose to Buffalo on Thursday) so there’s one in the bag for me right there. I’ll need it, too, since I managed to go 3-4 again last week, bringing my season total to 26-34. Just to switch things up and give me some sort of chance, this week Ed will only pick two games and they’re both cricket matches in England.


Ed: Pip pip, cheerio, and all that rot! Last week, I got myself back on the victory lorry with a 5-2 week, bringing my season record to 44-16, which might be the score on the Steelers-Browns game today. (I kid, I kid … but not by much.) I won’t be picking cricket games, so I’ll just stick to the NFL.

Jazz: The Steelers host the Browns (1:00 pm, CBS) and I can’t really even argue their being a five point favorite with this new Jones guy at QB. (Should Big Ben just go work at a medical center at this point?) Home field advantage is big in Pittsburgh, so I’ll go with Ed and take the Steel Curtain 21-20. The Vikings are playing the surprisingly competent Raiders this week. (4:05 pm, FOX) Derek Carr is turning into a viable fantasy league QB at this point, and I’m guessing they have enough in the tank for Teddy Bridgewater and company. Give me Oakland, 31-27.

Ed: The Steelers seem to be the Red Cross team this season, but they’re in luck by running into the Cleveland Browns this week. The Steelers outrank the Browns in both O and D, plus the Browns just have problems finishing games. Even with Landry Jones, the Steelers should be able to coast at home, 27-17. The Vikings are a tough team at home, and their defense is almost nine points a game better than Oakland’s. With Teddy B cleared to play, go with the Vikes, 24-20.


Jazz: Here’s four more games because maybe I’ll do better at six than seven.

  • Cowboys at Buccaneers (1:00 pm, FOX) – Tampa Bay is a narrow one point favorite, but Dallas is due. Matt Cassel has been looking better and they should be able to handle a road win against the Bucs. The NFC east is in awful shape and Dallas may be able to keep their hopes alive if they pull this out. I’ll take the Boys 24-17.
  • Chiefs at Broncos (4:25 pm, CBS) – Denver has been proven to not be infallible and the Chiefs were on a bit of a roll, but Peyton has the experience to put Denver back on track. I’ll go with the Broncos, 27-17.
  • Cardinals at Seahawks (8:30 pm, NBC) – The Sunday night game may actually be interesting this week. Arizona seems to be the pick for most of the experts, but Russell Wilson and company can smell doom for this season if they don’t pull this one out. I think they will. Seahawks take it 24-21, possibly in overtime.
  • Texans at Bengals (Monday, 8:30 pm, ESPN) – The only question for Monday night is how badly the Bengals will kick the butts of Houston. The Vegas line says 11, but I think it’s even worse than that. Give me Cincinnati 38-14.


  • Cowboys at Buccaneers (1:00 pm, FOX) – Is Tony Romo back? No? Fuhgeddaboutit on the road, Dallas. Still should be a good game, though, with the Bucs prevailing 31-24.
  • Chiefs at Broncos (4:25 pm, CBS) – After losing their first game of the season, Peyton Manning comes home to face a poor road team. Manning bounces back, 33-20.
  • Cardinals at Seahawks (8:30 pm, NBC) – Arizona’s offense does 12 points better per game than Seattle, and Seattle’s defense only gives up 1.6 points per game less than the Cards. Offense and the home-field advantage will make the difference, 28-20.
  • Texans at Bengals (Monday, 8:30 pm, ESPN) – If this wasn’t a MNF game, no one would be talking about this. On paper, the two teams are evenly matched, but the Texans haven’t found ways to win games, and they won’t on the road either. It will be a little closer than Jazz thinks, but Bengals win 31-20. Tell the folks at Price Hill Chili hello, too.

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